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  1. How do you keep things exciting? This one is easy. Remember this my furry friends; nothing that is worth doing is ever easy. The greatest reward comes from the greatest struggle. If you want to feel true life you MUST have the chance to fail. Now go out there and try again, only harder.
  2. I enjoy calculated risks. I do stuff every day that many people would consider risky and dangerous. But I've put in the time and I know exactly what the risks are and how to mitigate them. So I guess to me I'm actually not that much of a risk taker, but an outside observer may judge me differently.
  3. That is hard core sir. In my experience just the memory of letting people chisel pieces from the inside of my skull still gives me anxiety. So take the needle and whatever else they offer.
  4. Grav just needs a really BIG kite! And a project code name! Like project Icarus Angus.
  5. Wisdom teeth are stupid. Ironic, no?
  6. Is there some science behind this moderated post count? I'm curious how long it takes an 'average' new user to reach 30 posts. What's the distribution of posts per day for a new user?
  7. I am not a financial advisor, but there is some logic in starting to invest sooner and paying off the student loan debt slower. I know it would feel good to be out of debt, but depending on the interest rate and tax deductions, starting to invest asap generally pencils out better. As for the actual investing, if you want to do it yourself just get into some low cost index funds. These generally performe well in the long term and have low fees. Other than that, picking a few solid stocks on the side is never a bad idea. As an example, I purchased some Disney stock a few years ago and it has performed well. Say what you want about Disney, but you can't argue that it's not a solid company.
  8. When I interact with people like this I just think to myself, 'Wow, so you don't like interracial relationships? Too bad my anthropomorphic animal mate isn't around, cuz I'd love to see your head explode'.
  9. Working in my old home town today and having breakfast at my favorite funky old cafe. Literally everything in this town has changed since I grew up here, except this cafe. Not a bad way to start the day.
  10. Some day I'll come to terms with the fact that my family doesn't want to talk to me on holidays.
  11. Just remember, life is only a true failure if you learn nothing from your choices.
  12. I'm with you bro, I too hope for meaning to this life. Two possibilities keep me going. 1.) We understand nothing. The true nature of the universe is completely different than our weak human minds can possibly understand, if we are even human at all. Or 2.) This is all we get and we are all doomed to nothingness. So enjoy life and bring as much light to the world as you can. Because in the end, all of the devout holy men who judged you will be far more disappointed in their life choices when their own lights go out just like everyone else's. Existential questions are healthy but at the end of the day you need to ask yourself just one question; what are you going to do about it?
  13. Watched a random Youtube video this morning and got unexpectedly assaulted by furry psychology. Granted, it was just a passing reference while talking about internet fandoms, but I was quite surprised how easily the commentator just rolled into a furry reference without any explanation. Do people just accept that everyone knows who we are now?
  14. My name is on some sailing trophies somewhere. I also built a boat to see if I could. It looks something like this.
  15. Furry certainly has an image problem. The few non-furries I've told about my unusual preferences I've gone out of my way to reassure them that I'm not one of "those furries". This may not really be fair though because most of the actual furries I've meet seem pretty normal. Maybe we are guilty of perpetuating our own stereotype.
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