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  1. Heya Galaxy. Thanks for coming back our way.Meow the universe is complete. Or, a little more so.
  2. You know what game doesn't get enough love? Final Fantasy Tactics A2. Yeah, it's not as good as the original FFT, but the job depth is great and there's an absolute ton of stuff to do. Story's all over the place, but if you're in it for the challenge and don't mind putting up with weird rules it's not bad. I like how the main character just doesn't care he's in a video game world and is in no hurry to leave. Just like "eh, I had no plans for the summer anyway". Sorta nice to just have a game for the sake of a game instead of shoehorning a possibly hackneyed plot. Oh, and having difficulty select at the beginning of the game. Why don't more RPGs do this? Hard mode right off the bat. No need to unlock. Nice. Not the best FF, but a good one for the DS.
  3. No joke, I actually owned the soundtrack to WA3 at one point. This was back when I still had dial-up and their was no YouTube and the only way I could get my hands on game music was to import the discs. Played it in my car all the time. That, and the SaGa Frontier 2, Grandia II, and Legend of Mana OSTs. Prolly my second favorite after the first, but that's mostly for nostalgia.
  4. I liked FFIII on the DS. Mostly because I had emulated the NES version years earlier and I was stoked we finally got a real-deal English version. FF's with a job system are always nice because I seem to be able to replay them more. Bravely Default is one I wanna try, too. People just say it looks like FFIII, but plays more polished.
  5. Star Ocean: First Departure's opening always gets me pumped for some reason. Insert it as an image. Even if it's not. Whatever works. ;p WA1 has one of the best openings on PS1. Even better than the remake. Classic.
  6. Even more potent coming from a ghost otter. Your love of life persists after death. I've been through so many episodes of anxiety over the years I think it's literally aged me. After a while I think I've just gotten to the point where I'm gonna solve problems as they happen, and not worry about them before. And if I have a bad day, it sticks with me for a while, but after a few more it doesn't matter anymore. Just gotta keep that in mind,
  7. Getting laid off stinks, I really hope it works out for them. At least they have somewhere to go. Life'll throw you curve balls sometimes but it's important not to feel like you're a failure just because you have to take some steps back. Your step dad's in a good career path, though, so hopefully he can get back on his feet without too much problem. High demand field and all.
  8. Nall (Lunar 1 & 2): Starts as the annoying sidekick, sure, but his true character shines in the sequel. He's the only one of the main party to survive hundreds of years into the future, being a dragon and all, and is rightfully changed by it. His arc is really well done. Kain Highwind (Final Fantasy IV): Original Final Fantasy anti-hero hero. They put him on the logo for a reason, and not just cuz he's got a cool profile. Probably the most interesting character in the series until maybe FF6 came along.
  9. I played Duke Nukem 3D for the first time in forever (not a DNF joke, but it could be!) and it really took me back. Especially the Atomic Edition expansion stuff. Used to play that game all the time. Didn't turn me into a gun-wielding blow-up-aholic, but it did sorta ruin my me on any FPS that isn't super fast and exploring-based. Those 2D "billboard" graphics are pretty funny, but it fits the game's charm. Also jokes from the 90s no one gets anymore but give me a nice nostalgia rush. 'Let's rock.'
  10. http://kidscreen.com/2015/06/29/turner-inks-original-wb-content-deal-for-boomerang/ Yup yup. Boomerang 2k16. Sorta relevant to the topic, too since there was that 1982 animated Weekend Special.
  11. Hard to say because of how I define "fandom". As far as being part of a group of people with shared interests, it was probably ThunderCats, which was big on Toonami around the time I first got the internet. I even had a fansite. Being part of a web ring used to be a thing, and I was, so, yeah, heh. Before that maybe Breath of Fire. The RPG series. I was obsessed. Bought every game since the first. Had Electronics Boutique (pre EB Games) call me up the day BOF3 came in so I could get it ASAP. Those games, man. TMNT is a big one, too. I was just about the toys, mostly.
  12. Some people (including me) mentioned Justice League/Young Justice but apparently a new JLA show is in the works. Just very vague on the details aside from a poster you have to squint to see. http://observationdeck.kinja.com/whose-in-the-new-jla-show-and-who-should-be-1735062510
  13. Yeah, that, and if Ubisoft is to be believed women are harder to "get right" in terms of rendering. They wanna put their best (size 11 male) foot forward. http://observationdeck.kinja.com/ubisoft-says-adding-women-is-too-difficult-1589134494 They may not be ready in time for the trailer, or they just don't have enough confidence they look good enough at their current state.
  14. Me too. My 3DS is pretty much just a Pokemon/Animal Crossing machine since I don't have time for anything else. SMD looks like it'll correct everything Gates to Infinity did wrong, so I'm optimistic. Wish we still had the starter choices from the last game, though. Phanpy's my 'mon.
  15. I like the quaintness of the old games (quaint being relative since it was a still a marketing juggernaut), and Gold/Silver remain my favorites, but I'm not bothered by the new stuff either. Maybe just because I've been keeping up with em, though. They each add something good: abilities, special/physical split, unlimited TMs, new pokemon that sometimes look cool. Sometimes ya gotta take or leave stuff and ignore the complete saturation of it all, but it can still be likeable. Can't recapture the "good ol days", but what can?
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