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  1. what should i call my goat?

    Anything but "late for dinner"
  2. Now currently watching...

    Stranger Things. It's this Netflix original series that looks like it took a lot of inspiration from Steven Spielberg and Stephen King.
  3. Horrifically Bad Fursuits

    Ugh. That hair looks like shit, and I almost gave my Fursuit head hair that way. Back to the topic at hand, apparently the muscle bound tiger suit is still in service
  4. Tell me something sad

    Goodbye moonmen
  5. What could've made Sonic better?

    I feel like Sonic Team should have copied what Naughty Dog did with Crash Bandicoot Warped.
  6. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Tummy troubles suck. Thank goodness for Pepto-Bismol. Reminds me of a quote from Spaceballs "Water my ass! Get this man some PEPTO-BISMOL!!!"
  7. What's your greatest self-imposed gaming achievement?

    Reaching the Free fall legs in Fallout 4. On console. No simple task, since you basically have to exploit a physics glitch to ascend to a hole in a wall roughly 200 feet up while facing a wall. By the way, a fall from thirty feet is fatal to the player character. and I did it outside of the mission that puts the player in that part of the Mass Fusion building. Quite a few fusion cores were used in ascending to the Mass Fusion building's upper lobby. I did this last year, so I didn't have any awesome cheat items to help me get the armor pieces. Getting the "Guardin' Gnome" achievement with a bunch of strangers in Left 4 Dead 2 . Getting the potato in the Potato Sack (Portal 2 ARG) level in Killing Floor. (Which I suck at, btw)
  8. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    It was my console. I reset the thing after not hearing back from Xbox support about the issue. So I lose a few save files, at least my console is working again.
  9. Uninterresting conversations

    Sports. I really don't give a fuck about Football (American), basketball (not since Jordan retired for good), Hockey, or NASCAR. It's like "whoopdie fucking doo, they did a thing and you sat on your ass for three hours watching it. You want a fucking cookie?" "OMG the team won the game!!!" Why should I care? My only connection to this shit is: I have to ring out all the snacks the local sports fans buy so they can continue watching them do a thing.
  10. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    I was going to play some Fallout 4, but it seems Xbox live is having some problems. Dammit Microsoft.
  11. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    Two things first: I got my temporary driving permit (again) Second: I ran into a lock yesterday. The worst part about it will be explaining the scar. Most scars have some badass story behind them, this one, I ran into the latch on a door. Most people will assume I'm lying to cover up abuse, but I literally ran into a latch on a door after returning someone's keys.
  12. Show off your fursuits/cosplays

    Me at AnthrOhio last month
  13. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    So earlier, my boss was walking around outside our store trying to locate some new carts we got in a few weeks ago. I chimed in "so, did you want help loading that sign into your car (referring to a Starbucks sign someone had set aside for her from the renovations)" she went into this mild tirade about how it wasn't the one she wanted and I was all "At least you got something out of a request to save signage. I asked our GM head to save me a display and he threw it away" she then had me follow her to the back of the store, where a Boba Fett cardboard standee was tucked away. Turns out our previous GM head wasn't able to provide a receipt to prove ownership of the standee, which she used to promote Star Wars on Force Friday last year, and upper management was looking to get rid of it. Guess who walked home with a cardboard bounty hunter under his arm? One GM head screwed me over on the Zootopia display (probably forgot about it) and the rotten luck on the part of his predecessor got me a Boba Fett. Later in the day, I was checking out, and the $25 Xbox gift card I grabbed was apparently recalled. I grab another, same issue. I tell the cashier: keep an eye on my bounty hunter, I'm a grab one from somewhere else" I come back, same problem. Guess I won't be getting the Far Harbor DLC any time soon.
  14. Nails

    DBZA memes in 5,4,3,2,1