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  1. My horrible (also first and only) haunted house experience was me being six years old and begging and nagging my parents to take me to the one some of the base personnel were putting on in a disused hangar, because I was certain big badass six-year-old me could handle it.
  2. I like blues, and I like rock, but I can't stand most country. Except this song:
  3. The primary impetus for me upgrading to Win7 in the first place was because STALKER (with the SWM mod) ran out of memory and crashed every ten minutes... ...but because I played other games in the meantime, now that I actually can run STALKER-SWM without crashes, I've lost interest in it.
  4. Exactly. Hunting is necessary because we've killed off all the natural predators that normally keep deer populations in check. Want to ban hunting? Get ready for this to happen in your neighborhood to your pets. (warning: extremely violent, dog probably dies)
  5. Not me. The Imperium especially. It's too grimdark, to the point there is no point. Nothing matters and they're impossible to sympathize with or relate to because there's no point to anything. The Orks, on the other hand, are laughing and having a good time and they just think the apocalypse is a big damn party. It's so absurd and silly and it's great. IIRC all of 40K started out that way because it was taking the piss out of the other super cereal tabletop games at the time but somewhere along the line it became the thing it was supposed to make fun of.
  6. Orks are pretty much the only thing I like from 40k. Everything else is tryhard edgelord mary sue bullshit but the Orks are fucking great.
  7. My parents pointed out during the election that Bernie Sanders sounded like the Aardvark from the old cartoon The Ant and the Aardvark and I can't unsee it.
  8. I swapped out the Solano M4s (medium fighters) on my flagship for Aldrin-made Spitfyre M3s -- heavy fighters that GOTTA GO FAST. The Solano maxed out at about 210m/s, but the Spitfyre tears ass at fucking 452 m/s. SPACE SANIC. Blue Wing, ten Spitfyres, against a Pirate raiding party. The Pirates got fucking handled, and not just because they were outnumbered 2:1. Returning to the flagship after a successful sortie.
  9. Part of it is keeping an air gap in control systems (meaning Skynet launching nukes is physically impossible unless some jackass sticks a CAT5 into the side of a missile). A HUGE part of it is upgrading would be really fucking expensive. Part of it is "if it ain't broke don't fix it". And part of it is "nobody fucking even uses 9" floppies anymore so it's not like they can do anything to it anyway."
  10. If your system is obsolete enough, it won't be compatible with malware part of why the US nuclear arsenal is still controlled by floppy disks
  11. that didn't stop me from sticking with XP :v Hell the only reason I even upgraded at all was because I got a major hardware upgrade and needed a 64bit OS to use all 8GB of RAM.
  12. I stuck with XP for over a decade. With how bad 8 and 10 are I'll probably put off upgrading until Windows 23 or some shit this time around.
  13. Guess who finally advanced from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age. After like ten years on XP I've finally upgraded to Windows 7. Also got a 128gb SSD that I put the OS and a few intensive games on. im already finding tons of shit in win7 that pisses me off