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  1. redid the door again. I need to learn to leave shit alone. ...or maybe not since this looks a hell of a lot better. either way I need to finish this shit before it goes the way of DM_Shafted and stays in development hell for like six years
  2. well if you fall in a clearly marked death hole then it's nobody's fault but your own and you deserve all the ridicule you get also, redid the big reactor door thing to make it more friendly and inviting. "IONIZING RADIATION" "E-PARTICLE HAZARD - EXPOSURE CAN RESULT IN VAPORIZATION" Doesn't that just sound like a lovely place to be in?
  3. showcasing some of the many textures I made for this map.
  4. 2:13 :v
  5. Using snarks to demonstrate the electrocution effect in the core
  6. I support marijuana legalization simply because it increases the chance of the potheads at Wendy's fucking up and giving me a quad-patty cheeseburger again.
  7. New health/suit charger textures: Also put in a neat effect for when people fall in the insta-kill pit around the core. Normally it's rather dark: ...but when some numbskull falls in, for a split second the room gets lit up like the freakin sun and a map-wide zap/thunder sound plays to add further humiliation (by essentially announcing that some uncoordinated jackass fell in a hole):
  8. how everything from the late '50s looks like a goddamn spaceship
  9. make no bones about it
  10. I already did. I want you to give me another one.