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  1. I still use Windows XP. get on my level scrub.
  2. Explosive decompression, or maybe getting domed by an M107 155mm HE round. In other words, something involving instantaneous dismemberment so that I'm dead before pain even has time to register. Fuck all this "wallow in hospital for six weeks shitting your bed daily from organ failure while strung out on morphine" nonsense.
  3. "It could always be worse"
  4. Most of the shit that's bad for you tastes good, and a lot of the shit that's good for you tastes bad.
  5. Fresh meat for the grinder... Welcome to the Loony Bin, I'm one of the resident shitposters; I'll leave it at that. In light of some... recent developments... don't start no shit, won't be no shit.
  6. Starting on a story based around the Battle of the Bulwark from my Hadean universe.
  7. How two of the original developers that worked on Battlezone II are still working on third-party patches for the community sixteen years later.
  8. I think it was probably more rooted in the African folk tale of Anansi.
  10. Yeah, you know you're old when you realize the memes are now too dank for you... welcome to the retirement home, free Fix-o-Dent samples are at the front desk.
  11. I already know I'm utter dogshit at writing characters but let's keep going and see what happens. -------- Brynnemaure Somos is a domineering supremacist who firmly resents his younger contemporaries, deriding them as weak and inexperienced. He firmly believes that his harsh demeanor is just what the doctor ordered for the troubled times ahead, and many believe that his dark past has cost him his humanity. Somos does not show remorse for his actions, and it could be argued that he doesn't even feel any. He does not tolerate any appearance of weakness and has a uncanny knack for zeroing in on "weak links" and trying to break them -- or more ideally, reforge them into something more suitable. In addition, he is fully devoted to his career, viewing the perceived failures of his subordinates as failures of his own. He prefers to keep his personal life hidden, viewing such trivialities as a distraction from his assumed purpose, but privately he is wracked with guilt over his perceived and actual failures, and tends to isolate himself from others and avoid any sort of intimacy beyond professional courtesy.