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  1. Monty Grizzle


    I went through pretty much the same process as you except I ended up voting to leave.
  2. Monty Grizzle


    That's right! Although they still use an audience for a fair number of shows and I did in fact once put myself on the waiting list to be in one, but sadly I wasn't picked. (skip meh)
  3. Monty Grizzle


    I'm going to hazard guess 2! 1. I've never broken a bone 2. I've been within 20 feet of royalty 3. I was once in the audience for a TV comedy show and you can clearly hear me laughing in one of the episodes
  4. Or better yet, why not have a pizza pie? (Or five in my case)
  5. Banned for lying about your nationality.
  6. You're proud of your national heritage but not in-your-face about it and you have great taste in hats.
  7. I was making a joke about putting off writing the word procrastinate due to procrastination. (Skip Caledonian, do me again :V)
  8. Granted, a powerful automated cleaning system is installed that after developing a contiousness of its own, deems the inhabitants of the house part of the 'filth' and will stop at nothing to clean you all away. I wish I'd stop procrastin..... urghhh, I'll write the rest of this word later
  9. Oh no, you're not getting away that easily! Granted, your chair no longer groans or squeaks and instead falls to pieces against your will. I wish I could come up with more creative ways to corrupt wishes.
  10. Granted, you are condemned to a life of permanent acne, mood swings, rampant hormones and a have sleep schedule that's several hours behind that of your adult peers. I wish to be in perfect health for the rest of my life.
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