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  1. Hey nerds, just to let you know I'm still around. If you have a twitter you can follow me here. I've been suuuuper busy lately but I will be more active on twitter, I promise. Message me on here if you'd like to keep in touch too, I think you guys are pretty great. Maybe we can add each other on discord or telegram or something.
  2. I'm not sure if this is allowed but I'd like to shamelessly plug my new twitter. I know I'm not the most active on here but I will definitely be more active on twitter, and it would be nice to get to know you guys on a more personal level: https://twitter.com/2dbara is the link. it's not actually NSFW
  3. How do all these furries on twitter know each other? Is there some massive furry community I don't know of?
  4. This time last year, I just moved away to university, and for some reason my mental health plummeted. I wouldn't eat, I'd have crying episodes, etc... but now, a year later, I'm still here and so much better!
  5. Don't worry, I wasn't being serious, I just felt bad for OP.
  6. The people around you (this person, your school board etc.) seem so stupid, I occasionally wonder if you live in some fantasy world where people just have no common sense or intelligence
  7. My pals and I still use Teamspeak, but I have no idea why we haven't switched to Discord yet, as it's infinitely better. I also pay like 3 bucks a month for server rental, and it only supports 10 people
  8. i'm fuckin reeling skskalkgfj 'if a nazi fur got shot at a con, i would jump for joy' 'i wouldn't, because the con would be shut down'
  9. One of those 'play this at my funeral' tunes Portishead are from my city! They named their band after a little town I drive past like all the time
  10. Any medically-inclined friends on here know what can be attributed to fatigue? My work always leaves me feeling drained as it is quite physical, but I'd feel fatigued after going into uni for a single lecture and being sat at a desk all day. My diet has gotten poor lately, which could be the cause, but I don't know for sure.
  11. I feel happy seeing confederate monuments being torn down
  12. It does! Except there's still about 10 people still in the store (me included) and the store radio that plays corny cover songs still plays.
  13. When the store closes (and I'm still working) so I can put my headphones in. I've been listening to a really interesting podcast about mysterious disappearances lately. It's so interesting, it makes the time fly by.
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