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  1. So, here I am. Back after ages of being gone. After Castlefest (dutch festival with quite a bit of fursuits). My wife has an idea on making ears + tail. But since we're both new to the crafting of own outfits, we are a bit stuck on where to start. We're slowly googling our way through the internet, trying to find our way. And plans, but I was wondering if the more experienced crafters here have an idea for it? The rest of the outfit has yet to be decided, except the hair, which is going to be a bright red or orange.
  2. Mostly because some americans are to dumb to tie their own shoelaces. Hell, just look at how many parents leave guns around toddlers and then scream and rage that the gun industry is to blame.. Then again, can't say much.. we have a woman in holland who is suing the Tobacco industry because of her lung cancer (let's ignore the fact that she still! smokes 2 packs a day)
  3. Aah, US elections, the reason your country is pretty much the comedic relieve of the world. (I jest, I jest) 3 more weeks until vacation All inclusive along the coast. Relax, have fun and start writing a story. Can't wait
  4. Few more trophies to go All miracles All Sorceries All Pyromancies All Rings Will probably knock that all out in a run, will take a bit but ow well
  5. Those gang hands.. are we back in the 90's? Rofl.. cops were perfectly within their right to do this. Feminists should just really shut up with the pathetic "omg harassed!" thing. (and yes, feminists are currently using this to show how bad the male cops are all over the world). Can't show your gender, gtfo. It's that simple.
  6. Here we go, official post from Blizzard; Short: They were looking at a way to keep Nostalrius up, but legally there was no path in which their IP would be protected. They are looking at Pristine Realms, but wondering if that would be the solution. They are talking to the admins of Nostalrius for an unknown reason, and hoping to talk to them again in the coming weeks. So, there is no evil satanic monster called Blizzard, they handled it in a legal fashion.
  7. I get that oO I guess I need the help. But wanting is difficult, I tried it before and only made the nightmares (long story) worse. I will probably try it when I'm a bit more... settled I guess.
  8. That Unreal thing, I remember having the dutch Power Unlimited and they were talking about the amazing graphics. I was amazed with what they could do with the new concept of an "Unreal Engine". It was unreal to me. So much has changed. And I still love the game
  9. @Endless/Nameless I know the feeling, and I don't know you all that well yet, but I know those feelings all to well. You took a step that me, and a large amount of people are unable to take. Purely because something is mentally blocking me from doing it. Can I ask (if it's not prying to much), how you were able to decide "I'm going for it"? Maybe it can help others as well Again, it's amazing to see people doing this when it's needed. Going to someone because you can't handle the stuff yourself, that's the hardest step.
  10. It was my birthday! birthday > weed! And real men listen to Ska! Mark Foggo, Madness!
  11. The problem is, the people just see the video and share it. People don't care about the story behind it, they don't see how awful it is. Sadly enough, in Holland companies like Greenpeace are trying to do something about this, but with how self destructive they are, they aren't taken seriously at all. So, anything that is trying to be done about it gets cancelled.
  12. Lol, I have the exact same issue. That and most gay/bi men go "you have to look like a top model to date me, or have years of experience" >_< It would be fun to chat with a guy for once with actual chance of Mutual interest, but that seems insanely rare these days.
  13. I buy a lot out of impulse, mostly console games. My collection is way to big oO
  14. had a baby, You became father You've eaten a baby You had a baby, and gave it away Which is it? O_o the suspense is killing us
  15. yea, it really sucks donkeyballs But I learned to deal with it. I tried being vegetarian for a year, but god, that just gave me more allergic reactions. Luckily not epi-pen bad, but still.
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