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  1. Don't we have one already? 👀👀 It's more deceased than the forums but still there
  2. None 😎. I still got a bunch of games I haven't finished and been chilling with don't starve together.
  3. There's been a bunch of songs that have made me peen go solid everytime but I'll put the newest one a friend showed me (I've been liking this group so much)
  4. esix advertisement time hell yeah
  5. Last time I checked this place was around when was entering college and I've been doing all my furry shit on discord and twitter, attempts at art when I'm not wasting time on epic videogames. I really like this putrid jizz-encrusted fandom tbh, people are cool, we don't judge each other because we are all weird as fuck, fun times. There's always the creepy peeps but that's just the internet experience in general. My first furfag days back in middle school were spend lurking tumblr and ol' days furaffinity forums, I only remember the shit that went down was lit and I was happy after seeing these forums were born and proceeded to lurk more. I didn't get here because of the porn, found this fandom because of a youtube comment, discovered that I love anthro artwork too much and embraced the cowona infection. I feel indifferent towards porn in general, never had a crush or urge to watch porn, I'm very likely ace but still not sure, I don't feel straight or gay either. So what's your story Ckiimyr? How did you end up in this beautiful sanctuary?
  6. Flash boobie to assert dominance over your costumers.
  7. *Recovered my password just to answer this even tho I'm not "new" but never posted because me 3-ish years ago was too much of a pussy to post in this beautiful forum. Sup y'all
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