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  1. Where the fuck did you disappear to?

    I miss Stallman's beautiful face making wonderful posts here.

  2. Yes, a Smartie once chipped my back tooth. I still have no idea how.
  3. Honestly I think David Blaine is superhuman.
  4. I bet it hardens it too you perv.
  5. Note: Aim away from face.
  6. root

    Closed Species

    Thoughts? On one hand, a person created it. On the other hand, it's probably not that unique to warrant a copyright on its design and it's kind of pretentious and greedy to say it's off limits without explicit permission. This issue came up during the Major/Minor crap when Klace included some donator's sergal character (granted he was profiting off of it).
  7. To be honest I'd prefer to have a gun if someone was threatening me with one. But I think the idea of everyone walking around with guns is a terrifying thought.
  8. lmao Are some people actually taking him seriously?
  9. Never even heard of these until now. Oh my god this thread... Some notable posts:
  10. Random thought of the day: Switch the 'i' and 'o' in @Pignog and add 'ger' to the end.
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