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  1. Its 2017 and the site is bright blue again. Are we still arguing about feelings, the red lantern, and cropped porn profile pictures?
  2. Logs show that the site is in fact, deceased.
  3. To be fair, Pretty much anything that was remotely big in 2016 is coming to the end of its cycle
  4. Just curious if anyone still really uses the forums and if so how everyone's been since....well...2016-17 >or if I was active after that, that date I guess<. Had a nostalgia trip and remembered this place. Hope everyone's doing well.
  5. Decided to randomly check here for nostalgia purposes, saw this, back from the dead...Pending work and life lol. Truth be told, its not exactly like this town is a happy place. I'm still stuck in the crapshack until I save enough money to move lol. Its good you've come to terms with it though and started looking forward. I really hope you are happier ^^ it got pretty boring but a lot of stuff happened after you left. Pretty much everyone that gave us shit for being the nerds wound up coming out as gay, wound up in jail, or was a furry themselves >next part might be related < dog collars became a fashion trend there after what was left of the circle of furries where forced to stop wearing them by the principle in fear of us using them as a weapon again >really long story i dont want associated with me in public<. Police where hired on to patrol the school. A 'misconduct' happened that wound up happening caused a backlash against the local law enforcement and got them fired, a literal race war got started and one of our friends got beaten so badly she never came back to public schooling over a southerner who moved up here and saw her wearing a confederate flag hat, the lunch programs got reduced because one of the teachers i used to go to church with stole the funds for it the year before and got caught and, school got fined on top of it. What was left of our group pretty much became a circle of dick hopscotch with eachother, drama ensued, and three of us went from that group to the jocks and military buffs soon after. But. On the plus side. The principal got outright fired for the way he treated our group and it all cleared up after graduation It made the news statewide. Yeah. You left at the right time .....will admit it got boring as shit when you left though
  6. since graduating highschool and trying to adult to my best ability. I have time to myself again. Trying to get back into the loop with people.
  7. Out comes the entirety of the juggalo collective wanting you to buy faygo and crash on your couch. I put in myself, why not?
  8. "I hate people for killing animals to eat or to control" oh gee whiz, I wonder how many animals were "relocated peacefully" to install your internet, power lines, generate your power, and mine the material for your electronics, and build your home. The more you have, the more damage is there. Sorry to be an asshole, its usually not the way I am, but seriously. if you are worried about hunting causing damage, I'd think about the probability of how many companies you use, and buy from daily that probably are now standing over a drained wetland.
  9. Data

    Wish Corruptor

    Granted but now you are so busy from your success you no longer have free time and have to leave behind everything you hold dear I wish that I had my optimism back
  10. Data


    Howdy there, welcome to the phoenixed forums, enjoy the stay here
  11. Data


    "[playlist].MP3" your music inspired millions kids like me who lived in childhood pavilions cuz I guess that [in the end] I'm [numb] and [faint] but I will be [breaking the habit] because to me you were a saint your songs kept me going when I was left unknowing a [papercut] to the heart as you leave you were [just one step from the edge], and chose to [run away] with the [high voltage] [one more] light grows cold like [my december]'s spent looking for a place for my head. two of your posters used to cover my wall, with a hybrid theory i predict An [encore] from every fan that will now go weary. for a man who killed himself, you saved so damned many Its [heavy] as I [leave out all the rest] because of you [what I've done] is now a passion [in between] [no roads left] and those [little things you gave away] now you family has [no laundry], but you are [not alone] anymore. you are [the catalyst] for my inspiration now its [lost in the echo] thank you chester you started from one [rhinestone] and left us fighting for you armed with [sharp edges]
  12. I forgot i got my name changed to data for about a week or so, and locked myself out of the forums until today.
  13. Data

    Wish Corruptor

    Granted, you now have to juggle your social life, your job, and three hair trigger loaded shotguns. I wish I had tesla's research papers
  14. Out comes next years weight-watchers program! In goes an armed 7 Lb brick of C-4
  15. Data


    I called and left messages, they have an Automated voice system thing, My fiances mom and sister are the people trying to pull me into the gig, they need good workers. Now I just play the waiting game I guess.
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