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  1. Watcha Playing, Phoenix?

    I would like to get into the Extreme VS I hear they are fucking great! Which ones do you prefer Imperial?
  2. So...is this Mighty No 9?

    There is a great... quote to describe Inafune "Hes a business man. Not a CREATOR" -Hideki Kamiya
  3. Your Story Idea/Plots/Characters

    Oh? Cool! I also got a sci-fi universe dealing with the major conflicts of the major superpowers of the milky way. The first story deals with the protagonist named Ikaria; a naive young journalist who wants to make it big and follow her mothers footsteps . She takes a job as a freelance war reporter from a big media outlet to cover a civil war on an alien planet. There is a problem with that though, one she has never left her home planet let alone human space due to her overprotective father, two since she is freelance she makes less money expense accounts, security, or insurance. Though she is able to use her families wealth to hire a group of Mercenaries, transportation and a guide. While reporting she sees the horrors of the civil war, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, slavery etc. If you all want I can get into it more?
  4. The Confessional Box

    Oh dear father I my biggest sin is:: I'm only in the furry community cause of the well drawn porn.
  5. The Confessional Box

    Confession I love Doom.
  6. Born in le wrong generation

  7. So how many y'all nerds still play Command and Conquer?

    I played Red Alert 3 it wasnt good
  8. Rabbit head's shitty tablet sketch request thread!

    Muthafuka you KNOW IT'S THE BEST IDEA!! Now get that little Rabbit booty a sketching
  9. So hello everyone I was wondering my fellow forum posters, if you're writing a novel or short story, whats it about? who are the characters?
  10. Rabbit head's shitty tablet sketch request thread!

    Draw a Hyena Femboi
  11. What do you drive?

    1200 2012 Harley Davidson 72 Sportster
  12. Hail Satan: The Metal Thread

    Im a big Sabaton fan. I love my music that deals with history especially war. and I do enjoy Joakim Brodén vocals Counter strike is by far my favourite quick and fast, like the Israelis had too during the 6 day war.
  13. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    I mostly dream of dropping from space in those drop pods from odst