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  1. The "Social World" you remember is still there. You just have yet to adapt to its changes.
  2. God I'm so glad i got to witness one last Benny post Much joy has been brought to me
  3. Admit you want to fuck it
  4. >vanishes from site for significant period of time

    >comes back to rave about stuffed crust pizza


    1. Falaffel


      And with that; i take my leave

  5. Atuffes Crust pizza is fucking dleicoius. Thanks, stuffed ctsut. I lovr you.
  6. Falaffel


    REEEE NEWFAG lets bring that back PS: You're all fucking retarded
  7. this thread is now image posts everything is saved you're welcome
  8. if you make it automatic, that's good. everything would be fine. good talk
  9. that literally has nothing to do with what i said. at all. not even a tiny bit. but ok Your plan of action for moderating posts does not match up with your reasoning for it. It doesn't accomplish what you want it to because it's not automatically placed on new members. Again, if a new account wanted to post the things you're trying to prevent, they would do it immediately, not after they get moderated. As the post moderation stands, with reasons I've been told it's there, it's completely pointless.
  10. i mean isn't new member moderation completely pointless when it's not automatically placed on new members? Nobody you're attempting to stop wouldn't immediately post the thing you don't want posted. It's needless work that only serves to drive new people away.
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