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  1. I totally agree that there are some improvements that need to be made to the ignore system. If I may bring up an additional suggestion, could there possibly be a way to hide threads that you don't want to see in the similar manner to hiding user posts? I'm pretty sure not everyone wants to see a page of nothing but "X is literally the Y fetish" threads. Or garbage threads in general, like the "anti-Pc safe zone" thread to give an example.
  2. I am calling it now. This going to be FA's equivalent to reaction channels. The first few will be good quality editing. But as time goes by, FA will just be over saturated once people see easy money in just running spell checker and spacing a paragraph or two.
  3. Irn Bru master race reporting in.
  4. I don't think there is an emoji for salt shakers.
  5. So much of the angst from some posters can be explained from these results. I'm not surprised one bit, it's an internet quiz! ^^
  6. Tonight's episode of FurriesRuinEverythingTV in a nutshell.
  7. Nah, this is bait and made just to trigger sensitive furries. If I was to give this the benefit of the doubt that the creator was serious, instead of petitioning to put an internet subculture who have a very minor percentage that are into zoophilia, wouldn't it make much more sense to put in a petition to reform the laws of Zoophilia in the United States to begin with? Don't know if you guys are aware of this, but the laws related to Zoophilia in the US differ state by state as well by territories. All I can see from this is putting a fandom into one's little label to justify their trolling.
  8. 1. Nintendo gamecube 2. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Melee 3. Zelda, undertale, final fantasy 7, pepsiman.
  9. The rule is simples! Pick a system at random. (Nintendo Polystation 360, game boy DS, Ouya... take your pick) Pick a franchise at random. (IV auto theft, jump mario, vegeta warriors 17... go mad) Randomize like 3 - 5 searches to find bonus content (xmen, dragonball, stephen universe game). Post your results for a game name for your grandparents to accidentally buy you. Bonus points if you make your own cover art. example:
  10. This is true, there's jitsi, tox, telegram I guess, even IRC does more than enough if set up correctly. Dozens of FOSS alternatives! But the problem is always that people aren't willing to use a different service, despite it being so much better. They would rather use what their friends use it. Because they already use something, whats the point of switching? I bash Facebook, but the irony is people had the same argument I made about Skype when people were using MySpace. People wanna explore alternatives, people want to compare services to ensure they are on the best possible services. It just takes getting your own circle of friends to use something more reliable with things they would love for an old service to topple. However, in the case of Skype. It's also a large-scale business product for holding virtual meetings. So it's probably going to still be around. After all, Microsoft still holds the monopoly for enterprise software.
  11. Short answer, no. Skype is really just another chat platform for most people, if people used MSN or hotmail in the past, they more often or not continue to keep using skype because of the Microsoft migration. On top of that, its also been integrated to most windows platforms. Its a lot like Facebook. People hate its guts, yet people use it so much.
  12. This would be a joke if there was an englishman in this threesome
  13. Generally, in my experience in the fandom, I've always found this question tends to crop up again and again. The trope pops up a lot over the years and it more often than not boils down to the way you talked to them about it. The trope of Furries being just animal fuckers can pretty easily be straw-manned through even the weakest lenses of rationale and maturity. When people jump to conclusions, its typically when they aren't willing to listen to your input or in some cases, indulge in the hazardous crank magnetism that exists from today's internet culture through sites like 4chan. They could come to such enthymeme from a number of reasons. I know the most common form is from what they've read on the internet or through stories on the news. Many of these remarks are written to create the impression that the fandom is really more a fetish. After all, sex sells and gets attention. The remarks themselves are made from only listening to the vocal minority of the fandom, therefore assuming the entire fandom is like that. At the end of the day, it's probably just better off not letting what they say go to your head. Enthymeme is used to justify one's negetive opinion. Perhaps reconsider the way you talk to them about it, if you are trying to explain to them why you are into it and apply the conversational formulas that you would to admitting guilt or coming out to a sexuality/gender, then people would start to think it is a similar thing, again jumping to conclusions. Because you explain to them in that way, when you talk to them more about the appeal (in the case of this fandom, anthropomorphic animal characters that talk etc.), they can come to this assumption by your tone and body language. As long as you aren't bringing it up all the time, your friends are probably just poking fun over it. But I'm sure they don't mean it on purpose. However, if they are going to be using it as ammunition to dismiss what you say and shoot you down, you might be better off finding new friends.
  14. @Zeke I have a question related to the wording of a certain part of the application. When you ask "How would you solve conflict as a Moderator?", do you mean conflict between two or more users, towards a moderator or do you just mean in general?
  15. I really hope Rainfurrest ceases to exist at some point because of what happened in 2015. I really think it should be ruined for everyone, so that the fandom would start to look at itself and realize doing these sorts of things are not okay in a civilized society. Just because you are at a con, does not mean the laws of social acceptance do not apply to you.
  16. That music when you tell someone their favorite anime is trash.
  17. I have no mouth and I must ream. You're banned for using my balls as a pillow.
  18. You should be helping the pedophiles/zoophiles who can't control their thoughts instead of locking them up for doing nothing. I've noticed that there is a trend of certain people saying they thought about the idea of zoophilia or pedophilia and in an instant people are so quick to lock them up and throw away the key, even though they haven't even done a thing. It's not them saying they want to do that or that they already have, its more them talking about the depression they feel about their thoughts, how they can't help that they think and don't want to hurt anyone because of them. Just because someone thinks a certain way and hates themselves for it, doesn't mean we should all be making the broad generalization that they are going to become an uncontrollable monster. My opinion on this is, instead of locking them up - we should perhaps be trying to help prevent them from falling into the influence of such perverse, unspeakable acts. I feel it would make a lot more sense to offer them the cognitive-behavioral therapy to help address these horrible patterns rather than irrationally wishing for their death because they admit they need help. I just don't see there really being a lot of support for prevention-psychology when it comes to these things, just post-rehabilitation. Now, before this gets took out of context, I'd like to firstly say I DO NOT want anyone raping children and animals, nor forcing/having indecent photography or video of them. I still believe they should be prosecuted for their terrible crimes. However, thought crime shouldn't deserve punishment.
  19. I am not sorry for requesting for this video to be conceived.
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