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  1. I drew this myself a few years back. I was around 15/16 thank you for liking it!
  2. There is no options what steps do I have to take?
  3. Looking on craftsmanship, she has my personality entirely. Having that critiqued would roast me to oblivion.
  4. Doodle Just been to depressed to draw for months man I dunno; quick doodle opinions on my fursona maybe?
  5. Welcome to the fandom!
  6. I met with my LD boyfriend for the first time about two and a half weeks ago and it went amazingly well. We've now both made it a point to make sure we meet up at least once or more every month. I'm flying down there July 8th to meet up again. If both people work and spring their money together meeting up shouldn't be that hard. Unless your poverty stricken.
  7. I could never understand "open" relationships at that point your basically just friends with benefits. Whats the point of announcing your love to someone if they're openly expressing it to everyone every which way? Hell if I know. Then again I am quite the possessive and protective type, if I love someone I love only one person and I expect the feelings to be mutual. Even with a high sex drive or not seeing sex as an intimate act. It's not THAT hard to stay content with your partner for as long as it goes on. Sex isn't the only pleasurable thing in life there's plenty of other things to do in your freetime. Added "open" could also mean "open" love instead of sex. How'd you feel if you were the sextoy to someone else's "open" relationship.Sure you'd have trust you'd here all the details, but so would the other he/she. It's like saying to your partner "hey you're not enough to satisfy me. Still love u tho fam." The idea makes my blood boil, I'm so highly opposed. In the end I guess I am just a loyal bun.
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