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  1. I'm obviously in Newark, NJ now. Next that should read Manhattan.
  2. If you have the resources, then why not? I don't have *any* resources and still manage to get by when I need a break and have nothing. This time I'm in Newark we'll see what happens ;3
  3. I guess it depends what you want. It wouldn't be for me. I have to be in *some* major US city.
  4. Closed fists work better. Don't listen to me though. I'm the kind of guy who'd make it seem like you could enter the car before I close the door on you several hundred times. I'm not a big guy so I don't fight very fair.
  5. Ricky

    Newark, NJ

    You honestly need a crowbar just to take the public transit here.
  6. Ricky

    Newark, NJ

    Why do so many people speak negatively about it here? I mean, most of the stores and restaurants (at least around me) are behind bulletproof glass but there is some kick ass food. Right up the street (from Clinton) on MLK there is an independent convenience store which has a deli where you can get an awesome footlong steak and cheese sub for four bucks and even a drink to go with it for 65c if you don't mind sugar water. Soul food chess house has awesome soul food and kwai lam Chinese restaurant has awesome Chinese (keep in mind there's no restaurant, you just pick up your order behindng bulletproof glass and try not to get shot or stabbed by the locals). Newark Penn Station is like a mall, and there's a really good pizza place in there. So, if you're commuting to Manhattan you don't have to worry about spending time, just grab a slice and take it on the train. I recommend the Buffalo chicken. The Ironbound District is the nice place for food and nightlife. I have been there but haven't spent a lot of time yet. Oh, Lincoln Park is right here. Great place to buy drugs. I saw a crack deal on my first day here and had other offers. And I've only been here since Thursday! Where else do you see this? I like this place. This city has a lot to offer.
  7. I've lived in new York state. Fuck that. I'm ready for NYC but I don't think it's ready for me. (quite literally)
  8. God damn, dude. You've been around x3 I'm choosing NYC for opportunistic reasons. <3
  9. Been there. Done it on both sides.
  10. I'm one of those TERRIBLE impatient people ;3
  11. Cause you were OBVIOUSLY ready for ME now, amirite? <3
  12. Seattle. So, New York it is? I've never lived in the Big Apple. Think it's ready for me o.O?
  13. I just quit a six figure job because it suddenly came to my attention it wasn't worth my time. Now the biggest question is... what state should I go to next?
  14. Retards and nuggets matter.
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