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  1. Imperials every time. The Stormcloaks are simply a bunch of racists led by a power hungry usurper and murderer who can't even effectively run his own city, there really isn't much to recommend them. Additionally, the Imperials are the only ones who have a real chance of defeating the Thalmor in the future, whereas the Thalmor see a weakened Skyrim under Ulfric as easy pickings. To top it off, they have Jarl Balgruuf:
  2. I think you will all be glad to hear that the Imperial bureaucracy has seen fit to respond to the complaints brought up by the concerned Imperial citizens of PETA, and have henceforth banned the wearing of filthy xeno pelts by the soldiers of the Imperial Guard: https://regimental-standard.com/2017/02/08/fur-the-emperor/ Of course, all methods of killing and maiming said xeno beasts is still entirely permissible, one must simply refrain from removing and wearing the pelt of said xeno afterwards...
  3. @Zerig @Kosha @LadyRadarEars @DrGravitas @Vaer So, i just found out I will be working until 6 PM tomorrow, so we will have to start late. We will begin around 7:00 PM EST.
  4. At last, we can all decorate our homes with statues of the wonderful creatures from Hieronymus Bosch's paintings: http://dangerousminds.net/comments/collectable_hieronymus_bosch_figurines Who wouldn't want a tree man on their mantelpiece?
  5. I steal your villainous cape.
  6. The world, I am unsure of who this "girl" is or of what importance she is supposed to hold... Join the villain and forsake all you stand for, or stand helpless as the villain destroys the person/whatever you hold dearest?
  7. Alpine Ibex are pretty rad. What's your favorite movie?
  8. A very enjoyable read, the author weaves a highly entertaining narrative around his game with his humorous commentary and changes in style, with the unexpected fortunes of what started out as such a modest dynasty certainly adding to the interest. Writing like this certainly show off the great potential that CK has for storytelling, one of the things that makes it almost unique among strategy games.
  9. The Netflix show Stranger Things, I finally got around to watching it over the last week. It proved to be the best show I've seen in a long while, channeling the feel of 80s sci-fi and horror movies while remaining engaging and relatively original in its own right.
  10. I'm not really a big believer in ghosts, and none these shows have certainly not increased my belief in them. From what I have seen of them, most such shows feature poor acting and transparent fakery, while even those that do somewhat better on these fronts can't provide evidence that couldn't have been faked with video and audio editing, so i remain unconvinced. What you are referring to is infra-sound, a range of sound slightly below human hearing that as you say can be used to induce visual hallucinations: http://gizmodo.com/some-ghosts-may-be-sound-waves-just-below-human-heari-1737065693 Interestingly enough, it can actually occur naturally in locations with the right dimensions, with it found that many locations reported as haunted also produce infra-sound, providing a pretty good explanation for many of the haunted locations that otherwise seem to defy reason or explanation, with suggestibility certainly playing a large part to. Here's a study of the connection between infra-sound and apparent ghostly apparitions in a "haunted" cellar: http://www.richardwiseman.com/resources/Something-in-the-Cellar.pdf
  11. Yeah, New Jersey. It's funny, the weather reports are saying the storm should be dying about now as it is moving out to sea, but it hasn't slowed at all here and we likely have around a foot by now. At least I don't have top go anywhere tomorrow...
  12. We're having our first major snowstorm here, with at least 6 inches already on the ground and it still coming down heavily:
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