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  1. A few requests

    You could try something with my girl peaches, if you'd like! Shes a Pomeranian who can't handle her caffeine Fullbody ref below Character is not wearing clothes but there's no /rude/ areas so I'm not sure if this is sfw or not, but she's pretty cute Bust ref
  2. The Stat Yourself Game

    If you can't handle me @ my worst u don deserve me at my best.. Or at my TRESHiest
  3. The Stat Yourself Game

    Did this on my phone with my hand, if thats not employable skill I don't know what is :v
  4. Yo!

    Sure did!! Your styles awesome!!
  5. Rabbit head's shitty tablet sketch request thread!

    Aw thank you!
  6. Fur: What to do with it

    Remake this beautiful work of art :v
  7. This is where I DRAW the line.

    Could you please draw my sona Peaches? Your style is so adorable! Ref sheet, there's no clothes but no /rude-y/ parts either so?
  8. Yo!

    People over on FAF Mans thank you!!! Thank you I will! Thank you, I'll be sure to do that!
  9. First Fullsuit WIP

    This is so cool!! Good job man!
  10. Rabbit head's shitty tablet sketch request thread!

    Hello! Could you please draw my little man, Coda? These all look so cool!
  11. Yo!

    Sup! I heared nothing but good things about this forums so I decided to check it out! I'm Peaches, fairly new to the whole furry buisiness but am super looking forward to making new friends I'm a singer primarily and I sometimes paint am currently planning for the creation of my first fursuit Hows everybody doing?