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  1. Ok thank you so much. I don't have my suit made just yet and a few of my friends want to do this with me, should I also bring pictures of theirs?
  2. Thank you so much. So do I need to talk to the people at the hospitals beforehand? Thank you so much. I always wanted to do this. Would they have a website for questions about this stuff?
  3. Hello fellow furries. I was wondering where it would be save to take a fursuit too. I would love to wear mine (when I make it) to a hospital to cheer up sick kids. I been having this idea for a while now and was wondering if any of you would know if that would be a good idea. I think it will be great to do since I live close by to hospitals and I see alot of kids go in there and stay there for a while, they look so sad, so I came up with the idea of wearing a fursuit there and see kids smile by petting my suit and getting their minds off of everything that is happening to them for a while. I grew up in and out of a hospital, I had my sister go in and out of hospitals as she was growing up as well. It makes me so sad to see these kids in a hospital bed and not really having any joy brought to them. I think it will change a kids world if someone will do something like this for them. Would this be a good idea or a bad one? Please help me everyone I need advice and a way. I want this fandom to be something not shameful or questioned and I think this is that first step to make this fandom even bigger.
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