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  1. unpopular opinions

    I'm walking down the street on the way to the supermarket. Forgot to do a snack run earlier, the moon is high, and the street is almost empty save for the occasional passing car. The faint humming of cars is interspersed with a distant siren, someone somewhere shouts something and throws a bottle against the wall. It's garbage day tomorrow, and the piles of black bags in front of storefronts wall me into the sidewalk like a hallway, a barricade between the road and I. Two raccoons on a date are rummaging, and I'm looking at them when I hear a sound behind me from an alleyway "psst, hey kid" He's standing in the mouth of darkness, his pale face catching the moonlight. His eyes are deep and sallow, black rings evoking another of the evening's animals. His hair is short and wirey, died black haphazardly, weeks old roots coming in. He holds his jacket close to him, perhaps to imitate a trench-coat, or perhaps to repel some coldness that only he can feel, his worn jeans clinging grass stains so tightly to his skin He takes a drag of his cigarette, fingers trembling and long wisps of smokey tendrils lacing their way upward, mixing with the night air. When he speaks it's shaking- cold- but he asks me with conviction: "You ever seen a vagina mid-birth?"
  2. A Lovely Day Off

  3. Earth without religions?

    then we would all be hindu \ :3 /
  4. Election Megathread 2016

    um wow that's actually authoritarianism??? don't you know that the american constitution guarantees his freedom of speech? This is the real racism....
  5. Election Megathread 2016

    actually clayton is the real victim here because you're saying a mean thing but also here's 50 images of woc crying captioned "democrat tears"
  6. Election Megathread 2016

    He's invested because he's noticed all the ppl on this forum and elsewhere who feel personally put in danger by the election. He wants to downplay the severity of it because he's afraid that complacency w/ systems of oppression won't be cool anymore and he might have to start caring
  7. Election Megathread 2016

    lemon I'm sorry I gotta say this but... retaliating against someone who starts shit... is blaming the victim....
  8. Election Megathread 2016

    My best guess is: Dude hit her car, she and her friends were inside and he was alone in his. One or more of them got out to talk to him, swap insurance, w/e, he decided that blaming him for the accident was unfair, the tension of the argument slowly built, and while angry he said something really gross and racist while mentioning he voted for trump. We have no quotations but we can assume from how sure they are in his vote that he mentioned (if there's no bumpersticker on the car lmao) It's very likely that both parties felt like the other was responsible for the crash, and that that was the root of an argument that developed into what's seen on the video I can see this man saying something shitty about trump "dealing with all the N*****s" thinking that he would be safe to say so from inside his car, perhaps even thinking that these people wouldn't attack him for it given how visibly old he is. It would be very brave but when people are angry like that they tend to not think so much about what they say Anyway I think it's very safe to assume that he said SOMETHING derogatory that included mention of trump support, given their reaction, and their surety in the video that he voted trump (especially since they evidently felt justified enough in this attack to film it)
  9. unpopular opinions

    who doesn't think this?
  10. Mission Accomplished!

    Hux is too big, to popular for small timers like us anymore I hope they remember their roots every once in a while, the people who got them there
  11. Pokemon Go name

    Neck cramp Healing_Totem1125 The Small Potatoes help 4(worsted) #ff00ff 25g Sugars xXÇřẫźỵ_Łęē69Xx Gurlz_MT CalcifiedPinealGland.jpg HYPER.OBJECT 15.9994 amu Why are you wearing that human suit? tinyurl.com/ptaqx3u Vaper's Delight Dr. Gravitas
  12. Election Megathread 2016

    why does god keep using florida to punish us
  14. Rant: Black people Rave: Voted trump

    Buck I know you're upset but this really isn't the way to go about it
  15. unpopular opinions

    BBQ and teriyaki sauce are the only condiments I have time for tbh