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  1. I'd argue that most of those aren't mainstream so of course nobody knows about them. But uhh, 3/6 of "Today's music..." listed is from 2000. Is that really "today"?
  2. Ever notice how otherkin only have the typical popular species as spirit animals? They never have frogs, fish, platypuses, zebras, etc. You can if you're in Japan!
  3. Wait a s-...*sniggers*
  4. As pretentious as it sounds, a huge portion of music HAS declined in quality over the years. I don't even think it's strictly a generation thing. I think the music industry just slowly discovered how much they can get away with using proper marketing. Yeah yeah I know it's all subjective, but give me a break. It won't be long before listening to someone take a massive constipated shit is considered music. Just add in some percussion and obnoxious bass. Boom, you have a hit baby! I'm not sure how adjustable it is, but when it's noticeable it sounds like ass. I think it worked out for Eiffel 65, but that was before it became really common.
  5. A rural town in bumfuck Canada full of old people. We still have thefts to worry about, but if I were to go pet somebody's dog in a parking lot there's a good chance I wouldn't be threatened to get my ass kicked or have a knife pulled on me. Maybe if I were REALLY sketchy looking, or it was dark out. I never do it out of courtesy though because I never know if the person would be happy with me petting their dog.
  6. What the hell? You city folk sure aren't very friendly. Sounds like you like in some shit holes.
  7. Mostly agree. There are some people who make clever uses of them though. It's not a very common occurrence however. I hate when you have to let rip a huge ass fart right after changing underwear.
  8. The Laptop Gun was funny as shit. Same with stacking proximity mines on top of each other in hallways and vents and waiting to hear your friend explode.
  9. The only relevant places in Canada are Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal(if you know French).
  10. Try to watch a full episode of any entertainment news shows(excluding TMZ) and you'll understand. Unless you meant media technology. Kickstarter can be useful. Very few things on it are worth throwing money at though. I don't get why people back a lot of the shit on it. It's easier to predict the bad than the good is how I see it. Bitterness from getting burned too many times doesn't help. I had to search for what that was. Looks dumb. Internet culture has gone to the dogs. What's worse is that it's spilling out into other outlets like television and even the real world. I've heard people say "el oh el" unironically. Ellen features shitty Viners on her show regularly. You can't escape from memes unless you hide in some small corner of the internet. It just hits you like a brick when you realize that this is what has become of society. Vaporwave is some weird hipstery thing that involves fascination with 80s aesthetics or something from my understanding. Money. Valid observation. I can't think of much reason other than trying to educate people or to wave your dick around. There's the really rare times that's it actually fun and interesting but I don't think I've ever encountered that on a public forum before.
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