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  1. Its not a .gif its sort of a Unity ".flv" file (although not .flv). Just Google Wallpaper Engine and you shall see!
  2. Damn the gif is really horrible quality wise, lets try the Youtube Link:
  3. YCH I got from Fossilexmachina on FA
  4. Its several Images rotating through here, on a 6 hour Interval, but here its sped up!
  5. thats only 3 words and not correct... let me rephrase that: Picture is Inspired by 4 Nouns.
  6. So, I just received this beauty from Jeanwoof Its a Schizo, one of her Specialties, inspired by 4 Words that describe the Character! (1 Cookie to the first to guess what the 4 Words were for Azrael!)
  7. Well, I just talked to a mod, and appearantly the picture is too mature to not post it in the red lantern.
  8. okay, imma figure out how to use Spoilers and then imma post something slightly less SFW-ish here, unless im told otherwise. (I'm unsure how mature the stuff in here is allowed...)
  9. NEW CELLPHONE! This, is, like, the first actually good Photo I've taken in ages (talking about pixelation and lighting etc):
  10. Well, nowadays its Invite only again... Re Warframe Hours, have a link of my Uncles Play Time: As for the Steamgroup, pls Invite me, im this dude: http://steamcommunity.com/id/OnkelPyro/
  11. Not a giant fan of Nautilus or Trundle but a Fan of "GIANT Monster Nautilus and Trundle"
  12. She's obviously going as a Jedi, cant you see the lightsaber?
  13. He needs 22 more posts tho (while I need 23 more, and honestly, as a "mostly Lurking" kinda user im struggling with that...)
  14. Well, not the "Art Piece" part, but like "honestly... those baloons look like they're made of glass..."
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