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  1. I'm glad it's really getting out there how BLM is not made up of good people. Just like Occupy Wall Street, it's a movement that started off with a noble cause and was basically hijacked by opportunistic morons.
  2. Give the pope Dark Souls and while you're at it, teach him how to stream. Then invade him, fish for hornet backstabs, and well what is it over and over and over again. Make him wonder where his precious God is now.
  3. What is your favorite Final Fantasy setting and why is it Ivalice?
  4. Duck


    I've heard the same. Apparently F-18 can outfly the F-35 and it's cost billions of dollars to produce. Now, it does have vertical takeoff like the Harrier, but so far it seems like it's just been a bust. No, just more conceited.
  5. Duck


    Sounds like you're doing AT/AE work. I know at least that your job's a bit more complicated than mine haha. I'm jealous you got to work on a variety of dope ass aircraft, 18's get boring FAST when you're around the same old jets every day. And they are old, I think they're like lot twenty-something. I know one of our jets is something like the 11th super hornet ever made? Our squadron has some kinda boner for fixing up old planes. I think they think it impresses Big Navy. What aircraft they got you working on now, and do you like it?
  6. Duck


    Haha, you hit the nail on the head. It's not as exciting as piloting them, and that's always what people think when I mention jets. I don't fly around and kill terrorists, I just turn a wrench for an aircraft that breaks a lot lol. 8 years, nice! So you must be an... E-5 by now? I just picked up E-4, but I've heard it's much harder for you guys to pick up rank than us. To be honest I couldn't do any more than 4 in the navy. I'm only halfway through my contract and I'm already so over the bullshit haha. So what do you do in the AF? Are you a mech too?
  7. Like I said before, Fridays at 4 are good for me, and I should be able to make this Friday as well. Do you have a room on Roll20 for this game yet?
  8. Who gives a shit just who fucking cares anymore? The way people see themselves, the tint of someone's skin, the god they pray to, their reproductive organs; can't people see none of it matters? If you don't like something, ignore it! Close your eyes, leave, whatever! It means literally nothing in the grand scheme of things. All life on planet earth could be wiped out and the rest of the universe would go right on the way it had before. We can either learn to get along with each other and enjoy our short time here or kill ourselves over petty shit and leave only ruins behind for visitors to ponder on.
  9. You know those big ass cans of Arizona Arnold Palmer? Those.
  10. "Damn, I sing great."
  11. Tastebuds are supposedly replaced every 7 years I believe. It's pretty common for things you thought you loved years back to taste like ass nowadays. That's good though. Fuck soda and most packaged snacks in that manner. Even if it tastes good, your body is not designed to digest a lot of what goes into it. That sick feeling you get afterwards is your body telling you you're hurting it. I feel so bad for people who drink even 1 soda a day, it wrecks your health all around.
  12. Duck


    Hello, I'm Duck, but I also go by 6PS on FA, and Megalemon on dA. I've been drawing since high school and been into tabletop games for about the same amount of time. I also like to wrestle, lift, and play the drums. I'm 21, male, from California, and I'm in the navy, where I work on F-18's. I'm mostly here in the interest of getting into more games, though my schedule can be a little wonky due to work. Nice to meet you all.
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