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  1. I was once accused of being antisemitic for making a skunk joke about spraying anal juices.
  2. Yeah, it's similar to Javascript in that regard. I just make it a habit to always use the strict comparison operators unless there's a reason why I want it to be non-strict.
  3. You must use the strict comparison operator, baka!
  4. I ponder who pays to keep this site up.
  5. Twitter is the worst.
  6. Socketosis


    I've heard similar arguments coming from non-furries about non-feral art too. "You're still sexualizing aspects of an animal" is a literal quote from one of them. That's the point. Not everyone who looks at naked animal people is into real life animals. I don't know why cub is exclusive to this mindset.
  7. Socketosis


    Whenever this topic is brought up, I've yet to hear a decent argument against the same comparison of furry/feral art equaling bestiality. "You're still sexualizing aspects of an animal."
  8. Socketosis


    Anecdotal evidence is usually worthless.
  9. Socketosis


    I'd like to see some sources for that.
  10. Saw you on Super Animal Royale yesterday. Wasn't sure it was you until I looked at your Steam profile. :V

  11. That bird seems like a terrible but funny nuisance.
  12. Just got it but I've been playing a little bit here and there.
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