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  1. I was once accused of being antisemitic for making a skunk joke about spraying anal juices.
  2. Yeah, it's similar to Javascript in that regard. I just make it a habit to always use the strict comparison operators unless there's a reason why I want it to be non-strict.
  3. You must use the strict comparison operator, baka!
  4. I ponder who pays to keep this site up.
  5. Twitter is the worst.
  6. Saw you on Super Animal Royale yesterday. Wasn't sure it was you until I looked at your Steam profile. :V

  7. That bird seems like a terrible but funny nuisance.
  8. Just got it but I've been playing a little bit here and there.
  9. This strange bloke walked up to me and asked, "Ey, have ya heard the news?"
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