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  1. Shush, Jere. We do not speak of present-day Maple Story. :V
  2. Depends on the situation. If the risks of the situation involve being physically hurt or getting in trouble from other people, I will be way too stressed out to enjoy the thought of living on the edge. In the context of things like running a business however, I will go bankrupt for trying too many weird ideas simply because they're not considered safe options. :0
  3. The leaves are coming out; it's pretty. :0
  4. Half and half is OK. :0
  5. Kleric

    Boop the Snoot

    ! *Boops more than you*
  6. I don't feel old! I don't feel like I should have outgrown anything. I am just a more reasonable, thought-out man child!
  7. I too don't feel at home with joining Discord. I'm just sticking to the Skypes. :0
  8. Try to substitute the lack of social interaction with lucid dreaming, go insane, eat a lot of mysteriously fresh pizza, walk around naked.
  9. Hello! I'm not new, but my friend Hunter (@Crow) is. He's not a furry, or a scalie... or anything like that. He just needs some kind of community to be around, so I dragged him here. He is also the man who had the idea to dawn me with the title "bookshelf", so now you know where that came from. Welcome!
  10. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are overrated. :0
  11. If it's a new game started, you'd likely be broke anyway. :0
  12. Leave it to furries to take a light-hearted joke as an opportunity to express their unadulterated hate for furries. :V I would join in on Fossa's genius revolution, but I fear everyone else will dislick me. </3
  13. Kleric

    Blue Jays?

    I too do not watch sports. I thought this was about the birds. :0 They're pretty, but can be dicks to the other small birds in my area. They don't share! D:
  14. I sit down to pee. :0 Also, I identify as an under-side toilet paper roll. Don't appropriate my culture!
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