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  1. That's a good dog. R.I.P. this thread.
  2. They're always jealous because they never get invited. Such a shame.
  3. That's not what your mom said. Also just to clarify I only helped her move some things.
  4. I used to be here but then I wasn't. Long story short I was doing something less important. Now I'm back so I'm here. I am so so sorry I didn't get your Swishers. I think I've matured since then.
  5. No I'm actually just rational, which makes me special and unique on this forum.
  6. I see that as being the fault of the people and not the religion.
  7. Young Thug's music. I can't understand a word he's saying. So good.
  8. Well I guess it was more of a passing remark about how certain he was that Islam is directly at fault for ISIS and how it should have "never happened." Like the idea is that we have to condemn Islam.
  9. Maybe was hallucinating when he said that? Because I definitely remember it very clearly.
  10. I especially liked how Trump's plan for ISIS was going back in time and stopping it from ever happening.
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