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  1. Don't think about it "What if the way we perceive a problem is already a part of the problem?"
  2. Greebles

    Here I sit

    You should probably stand. Have you tried writing a paper on what you worked out?
  3. Basketball. Elitist sport that frowns on stilts.
  4. i hate people who dont proof read. it realy bothers me
  5. Greebles


    You honestly think animals know any better? Don't be silly: animals can't read the Highway Code. They don't have thumbs to turn the pages.
  6. Banned for having an awkward voice.
  7. Looks like a satellite image of a new military fighter jet. The jet would be called "Project Bigmoth".
  8. I appreciate moths when they don't fly into your face.
  9. Keynesian Economics with respect to Quantitive Easing and central bank interest rates is ass-backwards. Srsly. Your answer is effectively to print more money?
  10. Concentrating too hard and thereby passing wind in a subway train.
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