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  1. help me yiff the planet as the furred reich

    Tobias Wäschbar, land commander or sniper... whichever's more convenient.
  2. Location thread v7

    Flagstaff, Arizona
  3. Hiring artist for Reference Sheet (budget $70)

    After receiving many offers, I'm going with Lemon. Thanks to everyone who asked to do my ref! Really appreciate it.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for someone to do a reference sheet for my 'sona. The budget is $70 (possibly a tad flexible), and I'd like it to be done by October 1 at the latest. Feel free to post sample work below, and I will contact you in the PM system if I'm interested. Thanks!
  5. Hello All

    Thank you fellow raccoon. Nice to see there are others on the forum of my race... Tis refreshing after FAF.
  6. Hello All

    Eh, more of a sniper who uses bolt actions chambered in .300 Win mag.
  7. Hello All

    Hmm... No nukes yet... That's always a good sign. @Chrysocyon not much atm, just checking these forums out
  8. Hello All

    I have entered the forums... And said hello... (waits for impending fallout from such a heretical act).