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  1. Hi all, so I'm heading on a two week vacation and I feel like drawing stuff if I can. Does anyone have any suggestions for what to draw? SFW or NSFW, either way.
  2. So far the hours seem pretty random. Seems like later evening is the most common time though.
  3. Another update: We now have automatic reset (Currently Midnight PST, but I can change this if it ends up being a problem) and we also have a status page! http://unciastudios.com/furpile/
  4. Server's currently getting some maintenance (setting up automatic restart with notices and such). Currently will restart at midnight PST and give restart notification at 30 minutes, 10 minutes, 1 minute, and 10 seconds. This is in an effort to keep the board clean and the load-times low.
  5. It's open 24/7 so people can draw whenever, though I'm trying to set up some sort of get-together soon. Need to know who'd want to join though!
  6. Currently there's a limit of 20 per board and I /should/ be able to handle that many concurrent, though I don't anticipate that many hopping on all at once.
  7. No problem, I'm glad I could be of help to both of you! And yeah, if you ever stop learning, you're doing it wrong. Even the masters of old were constantly learning, so everyone should, too! I know I am.
  8. Notes about 'Hellcharm1' (winged lion): Biggest thing I'm noticing here is scale inconsistencies. The arm lengths, torso length, leg lengths, don't all match up. Most particularly with the lion's left arm. Notes about 'Hellcharm2' (archer): Mostly posture problems with a few scale inconsistencies. If you're trying to do a run/dash/leap while aiming like that, your back will be arched, and your elbow will be out (rather than down). I noticed the left upper leg was shorter than the right, I arched the back a bit more. Let me know if something doesn't make sense, or you need more clarification.
  9. I'd certainly be willing to see if I can clear things up with a redline. My anatomy's not perfect, and everyone's styles are different, so they might not line up perfectly with your style, but it may make things clearer for you.
  10. Server is now live! See this post for details: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/topic/469-collaborative-drawing-server/
  11. Hi everyone! I've set up a collaborative drawing server for the community, called Drawpile. Think of it something like how collaborative google docs works, but for drawing. It supports pen pressure, multiple layers and lets you interact with other users' art. Drawpile itself is available here: http://drawpile.net/download/ and is compatible with many operating systems, and is in constant development, so look forward to improvements in the near future! The server itself is maintained by me and will be updated whenever drawpile is updated. I'm working with callaa, the developer of Drawpile, to improve the server for use as I'd like it. As such, I have had to implement a few rules to keep the server sane and usable. The rules can be seen here: https://goo.gl/Mu2kzP The server is available 24/7, with a small chance of downtime from time to time while I maintain the board at random throughout the day to keep it usable. To connect, open up Drawpile, go to Session, and under Host Address, put unciastudios.com and pick a username. You'll be presented with a list of 4 boards: General, Moderate, Adult and Explicit, which are explained in the rules above. Over the course of the day, the boards' replay queue will fill up and it may take some time for your client to work through this queue. This is normal and I will be doing my best to keep the replay queue to a minimum throughout the day. If for any reason any of the boards are inaccessible, please let me know here, or by any of my contacts, which are available through my signature or profile. The server will reset automatically at 6:00 AM GMT. You can check to see how many are connected to each board here: http://unciastudios.com/furpile/ Have fun, and happy drawing!
  12. Once I get the rules figured out and the server properly set up, I'll certainly post this to another subforum to spread the word.
  13. So it definitely sounds like that's an OK-to-go. So now I just need to figure out the rules. Suggestions, anyone? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Drawpile is a collaborative drawing program, like openCanvas, only opensource and in current development. Less crashy than openCanvas, and supports standalone servers so people can connect even if you don't have the program open yourself.
  15. So I have a drawpile server that I'm currently configuring that can handle around 40-50 concurrent users with little to no lag. I'm hoping to, if it is OK and/or wanted, to set it up so all the info is in one thread here, all the rules, etc. Should they get more popular than 50 users I will see about moving the server elsewhere and/or setting up a second one. What I need to know is: Would anyone like this? Is everyone OK with me hosting the server (which will not have a login system other than for mods, whose passwords will be encrypted) I would like the community's input on what rules would be acceptable. There are some considerations with the server software that, until the creator has released the new version in development, will just have to be worked around such as the session expiring at a configurable amount of time (which means a moderator would have to re-create the session). This can be worked around by creating a very long session timeout, however will have the side effect of making the session not clear itself automatically. So this is a consideration that must be taken into account. I am also considering making several sessions on the server to cater to those who do not wish to see NSFW material and/or want a rules-free environment so I am considering having a SFW session (no nudity whatsoever, only work-safe material on the board), a NSFW session (Sex-OK, but still fairly 'tame') and an 'Anything Goes' session for those who want to draw anything and everything. I may set the latter two up with a board-wide password if required. Once I am reasonably sure everything's working properly, and it is needed, I may consider appointing users (preferably active users that are on frequently) as moderators to make sure the rules are enforceable. Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and such!
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