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  1. Life is unpredictable, for better or worse. Try to be more comfortable in the chaos.
  2. Now that's what I'm talkin about!
  3. I'd hold off on comparing white supremacists to ISIS, or any Muslim terrorists really. Are they dumb, dangerous, fanatical, and well-armed? Sure. But not on the same level as Muslim terrorists. I know it won't happen, but wouldn't it be nice if we just gathered them up and sent them to Syria and see if the two can cancel each other out? Just a thought. Edit: Also, If Trump is removed from office, they'll still have Pence. So...doubtful.
  4. Me too, man! Going to the Southern tip of Illinois, hoping for clear skies. I saw a weather map that shows 40-60% chance of clouds the day of, so we'll see.
  5. dooqpoob qoodboop Booping symmetrically.
  6. What are white nationalists protesting anyway? They got the president they wanted, the wall will be built, the travel bans to Muslim majority countries have been issued, and the political Right is in control of both houses of Congress. Edit: Nevermind, just found out it's a Robert E. Lee statue they don't want taken down.
  7. 'Nother good thing that nearly coincides with the previous one: I completely paid off my private student loan debt this week! I still have federal loans, which was roughly 70% of the total anyway, but still...'tis a very good thing!
  8. Yeah...she got me going a bit back in the day.
  9. This, and also when the street is wide enough for 3 cars but people are parked on both sides.
  10. alphabet game

    That's fucking gorgeous! Anyway, ummmmmmmmmmm...sea cucumbers.