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  1. You should have gotten a few cokes or cheap ice creams and tried to give them to the runners.
  2. It's Friz Freleng! That's awesome, I've never seen that cartoon.
  3. It's a lot of fun listening in ignorance to Britons talking about mundane things. Are you alright?
  4. I'm sure you could. Nails won't work obviously but you might try studs or even epoxy. Try racing shoes, the aluminum might be easier to deal with.
  5. oh boy!

    You have to ask a question!
  6. I'm ok. There is a person nearby that found out about my sexual orientation and is pestering me about it, but that's the worst of it. Thanks for asking.
  7. Isn't that Rabbithead?
  8. Getting yourself doxxed is totally no fun at all.
  9. Wow... Above average is good though. Did you miss that one 45 point question?
  10. Geez. I'm really sorry to hear all of that. You don't have to take his name off of anything. Just try not to blame yourself for it. It's easy to go back and think about how you could've done things different, but isn't your fault. My mom went through breast cancer a few years ago, it scared everyone and I didn't know how to handle it. She just wanted love from her family, though. If your mom is trying to get you to forgive her, it isn't hard. Maybe she doesn't deserve it, but she'll need that, and your siblings will need someone to lean on.
  11. Good luck! Come back and let us know how you do, ok?
  12. I do, but I'm not. Don't worry.
  13. It is now the future, AD 2,017. A Doctor of Science is training a new generation of engineers to build thinking machines. She does this by making them draw diagrams of doorknobs using stick figures to represent the various components and people who might use them. I just don't know, man.
  14. I want to bump the unpopular opinions thread.