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  1. It's my favorite pen ;_;
  2. Today I had to put my pen in the refrigerator to write a letter because the ink was too thin to use. Then it was too humid for the ink to actually dry.
  3. A possum! Hello, there. I like possums. About the art, I mostly just do small doodles. Sometimes in pencil or pastel, but I've started playing with a tablet and having fun with that. Oil pastels are pretty sketchy, but you can get some detail if you're careful and do a lot of touching up. The biggest thing is to just have fun with whatever you're doing so you don't get burned out. We do have a comic thread in the art section, by the way. I haven't contributed much there lately (no time) but it's a good place to get random silly ideas. And since you asked, considering you have a possum and snow leopard you should draw the possum riding the kitty.
  4. Hi!
  5. I dunno about iced, but hot it's the bombdotcom.
  6. Today an IRL girl randomly told me I was cute.
  7. There is interest in cake yes! I am interested.
  8. ITT Data, the Corrupted complaining about the corrupted data. Try sending it again. And don't hate your waifu.
  9. You might consider giving them another polite call about that, maybe they'll accept it as a mixup. Wouldn't hurt to try.
  10. If it makes you feel better, there's nothing new about papers being taken wildly out of context.
  11. Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing and a hat. Long sleeves might be better to keep the sun off of you, too. Tying a wet bandana around your neck might help, too, but that depends on the humidity. Try not to die, please.
  12. I'm really sorry to hear that. Garth did say that it would take a couple of weeks for the medication to start helping. It will take that time for you to get used to them. You might call you doctor and tell him about the side effects, though. He may have some advice, or may be able to adjust the dose.
  13. I am! Glad it's getting good use
  14. Doncha know guys can't be raped? That's a thing. Anyway, the premise sounds a little dodgy, but in general movies that push narratives at the expense of telling stories can get ridiculous. I don't think I'll be watching these.