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  1. Your town is twenty times more populated than mine. Otherwise it's pretty much the same, except I have a car (yet I am still isolated.) Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like there's much you can do on the short term, but getting a driver's license is probably a priority. There may be some advantages you haven't noticed, though, so don't feel too down while you're moving up.
  2. Tied for 2 and 5. Thinker and helper. The descriptions sound perceptive, but are pretty vague.
  3. I bought money.
  4. Did you have trouble getting that done? There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a diploma later in life.
  5. Alright. Mostly, I just want some stability. I'd like to be completely self supportive and have a place of my with someone I love. To that end, I'm working towards my degree (with no debt so far) and training for a new real job. There are other things, I still need to work on keeping out of ruts and making friends, that sort of thing. In the medium term, I'm trying to learn a language so I can go to Europe and be useful for at least once.
  6. Sounds like a good deal. Some years our neighbors give us some extra vegetables from the garden, and we'll do the same. A mysterious bag of food left by you door is always a nice surprise. Also, I too am interested in any rhubarb recipes you may or may not have.
  7. This thread looks good. Glad to see nice things. I'm glad that summer is finally here.
  8. Reptiles generally don't translate so well. When you try to capture a lot of features it's either awesome (like Hardiman's crocs with long torsos and tiny legs), scary, or dumb. I've tried reptilian hands and feet; it was dumb.
  9. You're despairing, and you've been doing that since I met you. But that's good, everyone has to either do that or not think about themselves. It also means you got off track at some point. In the meantime, you can't have failed people as long as you're alive, but you can choose to continue to fail them. You only have to decide what is right and do that. But mostly take care of yourself, Johanna.
  10. Oh stop fighting. Per advertising if we are to advertise this community must have some purpose or direction, and it simply has neither at the moment. To be fair, it is the only offshoot forum I have ever seen take root, so it has something. There is, however, a lack of community leadership, in my humble opinion. I would suggest that might be the first issue to address. If there simply isn't enough content, we could try being a little more interactive.
  11. All but one of the computers in our court system are running XP. There are backups, though.
  12. I require distractions to mitigate despair stemming from my consciousness of actuality's failure to balance possibility, and the constant torment of a impotent, finite personage with an infinite existence. To this end, I use Facebook, which is all well and good, only there are few educational pages that focus on science, history, philosophy, &c. that aren't stupid, and those that aren't pleb have no kek. As Kleric eloquently articulates, "your Facebook is lame". In the past I have had good fortune going to unqualified people for advice, and for any given subject the least qualified group of all is Furries. And since there is no reason you can't recommend favorite pages to each other as well, I'm putting this here. So: What are some good, wholesome Facebook pages to follow?
  13. Home is a little depressing.
  14. There's something stuck in your teeth.
  15. From Albany Intl Airport, there is an elderly woman with a poodle walking around and letting the kids play with her before they get on their plane.