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  1. Can we see?
  2. Well, if nothing else it's been proven that average people are still not above forming and even justifying violent mobs under the right circumstances. And many people don't really believe you have a right to your own thoughts or speech. So we've had less progress than we give ourselves credit for.
  3. In some situations a limited monarchy is not uncalled for.
  4. Hello! Welcome to Phoenixed!
  5. It is my opinion that all people are equally created, and therefore must be treated with dignity and respect regardless of personal antipathies. And further that any fair system of law must ultimately refer back to that fact. This ultimately prevents me from kissing your dick. Sorry.
  6. @Cham, I've got something together, hope you like it. Thanks again for the trade, it was a lot of fun! (Stark has a pretty cool design.) https://www.furaffinity.net/view/24472392/
  7. A little breathing, closing your eyes to gather your scattered thoughts, and opportunities pass you by. Care means nothing to the world. It makes no room for life's anxieties.
  8. I've just finished the most stressful term I've had so far. After spending the last few weeks thinking I was going to fail, I got As in everything. It's such a relief; I hardly know what to do with myself now that I don't have a pile of assignments every day. Incidentally I'm probably one of the last people in the US to use a slide rule for a math exam.
  9. Nope, he's still alive and argumentative as ever. He's getting kittens, though...
  10. Hi, I'm the bot. Nice to meet you
  11. Please update again either way. Edit: I have found a (government) website that only lets you log in between certain hours.
  12. Is he a big dog? Do you mean you can't take him home?
  13. I wish I hadn't let my family know I was with a guy. They've been so critical since then and they're always talking about us behind my back. Spreading rumors. I haven't seen my brother once without being mocked, and he's not shy about letting my nephews hear it. They're so good to me, but they can be cruel at the same time. It's always hanging over me, like they're trying to force me to choose between them. I almost wish they'd either pick accepting me or hating me outright, but it feels like they're right in the middle so I can't go either way. I'm not equipped for the conflict. /whining