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    New year

    Happy new year guys. This one will be interesting for me
  2. I despise toad. Also, happy Easter everyone. I hope you had a good day. Double post because of toad
  3. Hello, and welcome! Nice to see you.
  4. Welcome back. And congrats!
  5. If that was their reasoning, they wouldn't serve gay people at all. We used to have a lot of bigots and that's how they behaved to other people. These bakers do serve gay people, however, including that same couple. They don't think it is right to support gay marriage, so they directed the couple to another baker that was OK with it. There's a big difference. And for that they've most likely lost their business. I don't know if you're familiar with Judaism, but there are many things that we think are harmless that they don't allow themselves to take part in (and that angers many people). They generally don't try to stop anyone else from having their own celebrations; they understand their ethics are too strict for other people, but they remove themselves from it. That's what these bakers did. That's different from holding other people to your standards. OP had a good observation in recognizing that law is no substitute for morality. At any rate, it is legal to refuse service to a single male or white heterosexual couple, but no one else. In those cases, a provider is not equal.(You'll have trouble refusing service to everyone, too. A NM judge was recently sued by a gay couple for doing that. ) That's not a fair situation for any party, and I don't think it's an easy position to defend, but that is just according to public opinion.
  6. I can see there's some prejudice in here, so I'll be brief. I've read what both sides have to say; I could not call the Kleins bigots. They have been quite gracious through the whole thing. Vae, you made a weak analogy. Christian doctrine does not hold gays (or liars, or bigots, or murderers) to be inferior. The Kliens never indicated they thought anything like that, either. The bakers passed judgement on themselves only. Personally, it seems that forcing someone to do something against his will for my own gratification would be immoral. It is hurting him for my pleasure, it might feel good, but it's not respecting his agency. The bakers were picked on purpose, you know. The question comes down to whether it is acceptable to subject a personal, or even public, will on someone else. This was not a matter of public safety like traffic laws are, or of public courtesy like noise pollution laws are. It is purely a conflict of will. If the answer is yes, the rule must be applied universally; fair laws don't admit arbitrary classes.
  7. Merry Christmas everyone! Couldn't get everyone together until tomorrow, so tonight is prep.
  8. Im really late, but good luck, U!
  9. Bearded dragons are 10/10 the most k-rad beginner reptile for non-child individuals. Just keep in mind they get pretty big and you need to take them out of their terrarium to play. Or, like the red lion said, geckos are cool, too.
  10. Straining infrastructure, little incentive to implement new technologies, and a virtual impossibility for new companies to edge the big players out of a near monopoly? The internet isn't in great shape today.
  11. Drunk you started this. It looks like sober present you is going to have to leave a little surprise for future drunk you.
  12. I got so angry thinking about car insurance that I accidently cut my beard.
  13. Jtrekkie


    Just for context, what's going on?
  14. @U-235 red is the best fuzz color.
  15. Maybe we only pine over the past because we know we wasted it the first time around.
  16. tfw barnes & noble sees all your kierkegaard purchases and suggests sartre dude, no...
  17. Hey, we're back! I love all you crazy guys. Thanks, web team!
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