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  1. Changed it. The title probably wouldn't have mattered to begin with.
  2. I agree - it is important, but this is an issue between the server owner(s) and the moderator: not the moderator and the members he watches. I was uninvolved until PMs were sent to me by Y, apart from the 'Shitler' incident. He is the only moderator, and the only superiors are the two owners. I wish I had an answer for you. To me, there was no issue to be had. Z(Owner/Artist) want the usage of "Hitler" used in a joking way and used a filter that would give you a 'scolding' message if you messaged it. Z does not respect Hitler, and takes the holocaust, nazi germany, etc. seriously. Y(Moderator) was against filtering the usage of "Hitler" because of the endless amount of workarounds and that it would make people forget history(and make it a joke in the process). The sensitivity might have come from how he feels on our current president, but I don't take it as a reason to, ironically, filter all mocking of Hitler. He takes Nazi Germany and Hitler as a serious matter. Why it turned into a matter of respect is beyond me.
  3. Everyone in this story is an adult unfortunately.
  4. Because the nonsense was no different than what I used to do.
  5. I can't help but make a wall of text longer than my English essays. Maybe this is the wrong place to post discord drama, but I do feel emotionally invested at the moment (as in, filled with the wrath of an angry war god) and I wish to get it off my chest. None of this happened in the Phoenixed server or in a server by ex-members or current members. It was in an artist's server, it might be important to the already meaningless and boring story. Some context: Person X is a friend of mine; Known for about 2 years and official owner of the server and frequently buys art from Z Person Y is a moderator of the server owned by X and Z; Who I'm angry with Person Z is the artist, who the server is made for Person Me is clearly me, and I've been becoming increasingly less prone to dealing with people, and less so, creating and maintaining a moral stance. <START> The primary issue started at the beginning of the month, whereas Y (moderator) had an issue with Z(the artist). His concern at the time, which I could only partially accept, was that Z was treating him as a child and shrugging off any sort of argument thrown at her, the crux of the issue beginning with discussion of the usage of "nazi" and "hitler" on the server and the filter that governed it. He took issue with the usage of one workaround: "Shitler" was disrespectful to the man as it completely ignored why he was put into power (as if suddenly the server had become some sort of center for academic and intellectual study). He would then go on a verbal (moreso textual) assault on the members that disliked the way he was acting: essentially throwing a tantrum in the expectation that people would come to listen to him vent - or redraw the line, so to speak. Now don't get me wrong, I don't take issue with someone else wanting to change an issue that seems to be bothering them, but the thing you should never do is act as if you're entirely blameless. The idea of "remove the stake from your own eye" is still effective here and I don't find myself exempt from this rule. Regardless, he seemed to be genuinely sorry that he acted that way and worried about whether or not they're a troll, annoying or if anyone gave a shit about them. Unfortunately, there's no way to say "I don't care" without sounding like a complete asshole, so I told him that I did care. He stated that he didn't want to bring that out to the public, still holding fast that he was still in the right about them treating him like a child, and that he still felt offended by his treatment. Yesterday, the 18th, another argument begins spawning from a discussion about American candy and food, whereas person X and Z are discussing how bad American food is, mainly from a health standpoint. It eventually ends up being a contest of who-can-shit-on-the-US-the-best, even getting into US history albeit, not in a serious manner. They frequently state that they don't know much about the US, being from Germany and England respectively. For some reason, Y takes it extremely seriously ignoring that X was probably not being serious, and that the only thing that mattered in that conflict was that he felt offended. He then claims that X has 'zero respect for others' and that he's a cunt - which I agree, because I knew him long enough to know that he is a cunt, but not with the intent of harming. As friends, we acted like cunts to each other just because we could and it was a friendship that was strong enough(or maybe weak enough) to have it not affect us. Friends treat each other like cunts but nobody is serious and nobody gets serious. To shorten this a bit more, he eventually states (about common decency, whatever the fuck that is): "If someone is clearly pissed off about something, talk to them like an adult instead of continuing to insult them and belittle them". So continuing the typical Phoenixed dialogue route, I press him on whether or not it really was anyone's obligation to come to his aid, and tell him that it's his responsibility to directly consult the people he's having an issue with, otherwise, he'd just be looking for comfort in other people and not changing his situation at all (he had only contacted Z, prior). We had discussed 'drawing the line' and how ultimately you cannot expect to create it and end up being exactly how you want it (you'd be somewhat spoiled to expect it to), leading to conflict. They will be crossed naturally and it is entirely up to the individuals involved to come up to a compromise or expect more conflict. That wasn't acting like some wise-man like he chose to claim, I just claimed the obvious - taking no sides as he previously requested. He then called me an asshole and blocked me lol </END> TL;DR: A person more pretentious than myself learns he can't have his paint and eat it too. I don't know what I expect to get out of this thread tbh *Chat logs can give a better story than I can, but I'm not going to post them in this thread.
  6. hit paste

    @Wrecker I've never felt so upset over lack of indentation lol
  7. General Chat/Time-Waster Thread

    The difference between one year and the next is less than a second. So, Happy 12/31/2017; 23:59:59.[...]9 PM + 00:00:00.[...]1 s
  8. Behold, the future of racing

    high-speed cardboard?
  9. Things That You Don't Understand!

    Why people even follow this guy: https://twitter.com/JOSHUAHOLMES777?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  10. Things that you hate! v2

    Why shouldn't they be popular?
  11. I'm literally fucking depressed right now...

    https://www.voanews.com/a/no-end-in-sight-yemen-war-analysts-say/4152480.html http://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-23431534 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5143115/ISIS-execution-video-showing-Syrian-pilot-burned-alive.html If it's any consolation, there is much worse out there that we thankfully don't have to deal with.
  12. This is the best thread I've read in a long time.
  13. Nobody wasn't expecting the site to be full of shitposting. If the post-NDA debacle anarchy or the existence of the blackhole was any proof, Phoenixed was destined to keep same quality of shitposting or surpass it. We've pretty much all seen the piss bottle threads, the nerd essays and the like, with the accompanying shitposts to mock them - but we've moved on to avoid them (unless for some reason it was expected some would follow us to this site, which is just cold). From my point of view: I didn't follow you guys here to shitpost 24/7. Rather, I came here because I found most of you to be more respectable than your average irl person with good posts to boot. Of course, there were many times that I was frustrated with some response, but generally this is how I feel about the 'community'. Nevertheless, we're usually stuck now with some ridiculous post and its parody counterpart (which shouldn't exist without the rules being changed) or good posts with no responses to them. Essentially, if you want a response, say something stupid. No point in trying to make legitimate discussion most of the time. I mean, who's going to read through a nerd essay, right? TL;DR: No fun allowed; Smartass pursuits only