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  1. The real time waster was the friends enemies we made along the way.
  2. The minor bit of nostalgia keeps me checking. I realized how little I interact in the fandom as a whole. Like I talked to this guy online that kept going on about fursuiters and popufurs. As much as I enjoyed to shoot the shit with him, I really didn't care. Just way too out of the loop these days. Like 90% of my furry activities is just browsing e6 trying to pass the time lol
  3. hey do you guys want to come to my pizza party?
  4. I mean, if a bunch of nutjobs have enough anonymity and an easy place to congregate... Literally anything that relies on user-generated content can and will turn into a shitshow at some point. Algorithms and advertising are the prime ways for sites to make money, so not surprised that they're being used by tech giants. -- Also, Nigeria is fucked.
  5. Phoenixed Battle Royale. You thought you could escape it...
  6. Skyrim Special Edition (Again) but with the CC survival mod. Anything north of Whiterun will have the weather kicking your ass. The further it is, the more of a logistics nightmare it becomes. Very bad fights eat up your potions, which in turn make you rely on food (which you will need) or restoration magic (which draws out fights).
  7. I really miss when Joe used to post
  8. These are not responses that promote meaningful discussion at Peenix. I will be removing 1 point off your total grade for this week. I want to see all three of you in my Zoom office hours.
  9. Do you guys like discussions? In 400 words or more, explain why or why not. You have 1 hour to type an initial response. Then respond to 3 other users in at least 100 words. I'm looking for critical thinking, so do not just respond with "yes" or "no".
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