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  1. Phoenixed Forums 2017: Roasted Ass Edition "My butt h̶u̶r̶t̶s̶ burns!" - A Disgruntled Member (This isn't a roast-post directed at you)
  2. Gee, only if I had two-hundred+ bucks just laying around.
  3. I don't think it's okay to make 'disagree' synonymous with 'dislike'. You might as well add both if you want to implement this. You should also figure out how it would react with the reputation part of the site. My only fear here is that adding a dislike button might discourage users from posting, though they probably wouldn't have posted anyway.
  4. Your character is already imperfect. He seems to be too good. I would suggest writing the character in first person to make him seem bigotted. My other suggestion (if you're not keen on directly giving him negative traits) is to have it written from the perspective of others. Capitalize on alternate perspectives. You should ask yourself: who are they "perfect" to? Who are they not? Consider their traits and the consequences of having those traits. Though, somebody who's more experienced at designing characters can help you more.
  5. It's 3 AM. My roommate has some sermon playing in the background. He's not even awake to hear it. "You can grow or you can be slow" "Saints, I hope you don't marry no man" "[some unintelligible bullshit] PUSSI [some other unintelligible bullshit] NIGGA" -Some rando preacher
  6. @Crazy Lee Didn't want to see that fam.
  7. Telemarketers... I'm not this "Ivette" person you speak of. Fuck off.
  8. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/nomax/ This came out some time ago. Might as well share it since I don't see it around here.
  9. Nascar Heat 2 and Assetto Corsa until GT Sport releases. Driving ovals is pretty cool, given that most of the time touching either the curbs or the wall is death. The high-line is useful, but it's terrifying enough to keep the game fun after each lap. Assetto Corsa is driver's hell on a gamepad because the throttle is so sensitive, but apart from that, the drive is satisfying. Also, Nurb is Green Hell Zone.
  10. In recent times, I have ran into threads that I would rather not see (and to not get involved in). While I was able to follow and unfollow threads without much of an issue, it does not prevent me from seeing activity in those undesirable threads in the "All Activity" section. The 'logical' approach to this would be to just scroll past it and pretend that it doesn't exist, but when a bold, blue thread name appears, it becomes hard to ignore. If they were to be put into place (or not), these are the questions I would have for how it would be implemented: If a user has decided to blacklist a thread that they had interacted in, and is responded to, how should the notifications react? Should the user get a notification, or not at all? If a user has been mentioned within a blacklisted thread, should only the mentioned post be viewed to the user or not at all? Should posts in blacklisted threads be viewed through the "Posts" section? Should the thread names be allowed to be viewed in the subforums in which they are in? Where does the user go to know that a thread is blacklisted? How do they blacklist a thread? What if a user tries to blacklist a pinned thread? Can a pinned thread be blacklisted? or Should it be the user's responsibility to not get involved in undesirable threads? What should the user do to avoid such threads? Is the resolution realistic?
  11. Recently, I bought a stylus so I can try my hand at digital art and get better at it, primarily because I'm a cheap bastard that doesn't like to buy commissions. That being said, I tend to draw from time to time, usually of the same goddamn character to prove that still part of this fandom. The quality tends to meander a bit because I'm not too experienced in drawing in general and I can't come up with a single style that suits or interests me. A long time ago, @RTDragon challenged me to do a sketchbook thread -- reasons that I have forgotten -- but I didn't exactly have the tools to do so: I was either working in gimp with a keyboard and mouse, doodling into a traditional sketchbook(having most of the work being unfinished or smudged) or trying to do stupid stuff in MS Paint. I would hope to get better at drawing hands, feet, faces and the like. Learning a bit more about perspective would be nice as well. All in due time, I guess.
  12. As long as you remember to praise the Almighty Power of the Lotus you'll get along just fine with me Welcome to our temple!
  13. This is the point where I tell you to shut up. Thank you.
  14. This is a mess I'll probably have to deal with - which isn't going to be fun. Not one bit In all honesty, I'm actually fearful of my life: all because of some political nonsense.
  15. Zara the Great Bodhisattva; Wisdom illuminates thine eyes and guides thine hands to achieve the will of Good Posting.
  16. I think it used to be "~"' but what I'm currently seeing is "∞". I assume that whoever moderates FA either knew the person or were told through messages or Journals/threads/articles. But that's just speculation. I don't think today is a good day to speak of death - in a depressing manner that is.
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