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  1. I don't understand how girls think that they own their ex's, and don't let their friends get with their ex's.
  2. Go for it. This is all I have atm though:
  3. I play as Khajiit so Stormcloaks just to be ironic.
  4. This is like a year old now. :^P
  5. Yeah i haven't been on here for a variety of reasons, but HELLO AGAIN I'M BACK ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  6. I don't understand any of it and our teacher is a cow.
  7. I got an A in Chemistry, my worst subject. :3
  8. @Snagged Cub A forum for internet people, what could go wrong? @Fossa-Boy Well, you're not getting rid of me just yet ;3 @MuttButt I'm gonna have to agree with you, picket fences are my favourite!
  9. Why hello there :^) and don't bully @Revates *scratches revates behind ear*
  10. Skyra

    My Hill!

    You find out that there's no wifi on the hill and run down to post about the hill being yours, meanwhile I run up and claim the hill. My Wifi-less hill.
  11. Don't tell me how to live
  12. I'm doing goooooooooood. Howl arf ewe doing today?
  13. Thank you. My friend drew it for me :^) He's realllly good!!
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