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  1. Mr. L

    I am me.

    For probably a very long time my pfp I stole from tumblr is what I'll use for pfps as that's all I really do now. Pretty closet furry.
  2. Mr. L

    I am me.

    Thanks I stole it from tumblr. Its mine now
  3. Okay that makes sense. Yes ai understand a need for emulating otherwise there'd be so much less experience of great ilder games, and my favourite mods of like mario 64 and the kaizo mario world. Plus my favourite game Melee would barely exist withiut emulation. I just thought it was too soom but your points make sense. All I cared is that nintendo didnt lose profit, and since they stopped producing they wont be making
  4. WiiU wmulation making suck progress is NOT a good thing. It's pirate heaven. And a lot of people become pirates when it's easy. At some point it'll happen and not matter like in 5 years but for now it's eh
  5. I am incredibly envious of your talent at this
  6. Too bad I don't have $4,000 to blow or ai could be the owner of a nice suit
  7. Mr. L

    I am me.

    Yes hello this is I. I live in the prarie lands of Canada and basically suck at everything I attempt. Even choosing a fursona. I just like so many y'know.
  8. That depends. I may have been considered obsessed with cats. However those are cats the animal. Personally, my love for cats and my furry life are very seperate things.
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