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  1. So my last final is in less than 12 hours. I'm literally shaking and I'm reviewing the last of my notes. This has been my theme song played on repeat for most of the night and the adrenaline/caffeine coursing in my veins has kept me from noticing my cough that won't go away, and I even found the energy to write a letter to the FCC's board (which I formed a legal argument about it violating the first amendment of the constitution) while I was writing my crib sheet. What the fuck is wrong with me??
  2. Out comes two slightly less hungry foxes (who are now traumatized from being forced through the inner workings of an apparently magic vending machine) In goes all my shit I need to have moved to Virginia for my job in May.
  3. That is terrifying. Beautiful from that height and stunning, but I'd be terrified.
  4. Hola random people. So for those of you who have mastered (or are at least confident) at dancing, where did you learn it from? Did you take lessons, just teach yourself and practice a shit ton? I'm genuinely curious because I really want to learn how to dance. It's something I've been wanting to do for a while, but I never had the time to do it. Now that I'll be entering the job world soon, I'll have more time on my hands, so I'm wanting to know how I can usefully put it towards learning how to dance. Also I feel that as a furry it's a requirement.
  5. But still, what job would you do?
  6. Inspired by some of my current difficulties with recent projects in school, I've come up with a game. If you could choose some other insane/crazy job or occupation aside from what you do now, what'd you do? For instance my response is: Fuck this schoolwork and degree, I'm going to go and build giant dancing robots like the one in this video.
  7. At this rate I feel we're derailing the conversation entirely from the original topic.
  8. It's going to be what comes after natural gas prices increase as a result of it's increased use. U prices are seeing relative stability despite new plants going up, and actually overall have gone down. I feel economics will play in Nuclear's favor with SMR's.
  9. We've been saying that for a while, but fusion has it's own problems that make it difficult, mostly around materials more than anything. SMR's is something we've already got experience in. Same thing for salt cooled reactors and Thorium-fluoride reactors. Comparing fusion and Gen IV and Gen III+ reactors is essentially is apples to oranges, it's kind of useless. Fusion will come around when we get the materials that can withstand the temperatures needed. Up till then, it'll be conventional power.
  10. So I'm wondering. I really really suck at drawing things like sona's and people. However, I can draw engineering diagrams, and I'm wondering, is there anywhere here I can post them? I mean I know it's not furry related, but some of them are just random ideas and fun to draw, and plus I want to say I've got some artistic drawing talent (even if it's really limited and narrowly defined).
  11. I love this guys dance moves. I really want to learn them and get better at dancing. Plus I feel being able to dance is some kind of requirement to being a member of the furry community.
  12. Reaction as in the little heart thing in the bottom right corner that we can choose? I'd say the confused looking one. It describes how I feel 90% of the time when I review shit from class. What is your favorite form of dance?
  13. Out comes 8 strings, a guitar without any strings, and the zombie of Narciso Yepes In goes my hopes and dreams, my current gpa, and all my notebooks (that I forcefully stuffed in there since they normally would take up way too much room).
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