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  1. This is the only sensible way to bring the dead gay forums back to life.
  2. Who'd have thought that software for writing posts way longer than $tweetLength would have UI optimized for devices with keyboards bigger than 10 cm.
  3. It's all the same in the quest for more SEO juice. The more dead gay forums you manage to peddle your links on, the better.
  4. Where the fuck did you disappear to?

    I miss Stallman's beautiful face making wonderful posts here.

  5. Where's habnabit with his beagle necromancy when we need him?
  6. I still miss the "go to top" button. It was so fucking useful.
  7. We can rebuild it. We have the technology.
  8. Thank you for the valuable contribution to the forum, furriend.
  9. Why bother making movies when you can tell others to make the movies for you and still get credit?
  10. Excuse you, I'm Stalin. Mind your dictatorism or I'll call you mean words and report you to Twitter Peeko!!
  11. It's dark red text on a red background, as it should be.
  12. Can confirm. This is a very thought-provoking post.
  13. I'll need to find myself a Bluetooth home button for my phone soon, then.
  14. I'm already missing the "go to top" button here.
  15. Your stuff is fucking amazing.
  16. Any chance of finding the 64-bit version of XP somewhere?
  17. fennecbyte


    Welcome to Phoenixed! I found that getting a script to press the left mouse button for you after a random amount of time and then leaving the room to help with this. It's easier to not stop it from being pressed than it is to actually press it, at least for me. What sort of programming? Do you have any games you'd like to share with us?
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