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  1. My Favorite!

    Oh, definitely the early 19th century because the regency darling!!!! What do you think is the funniest looking mammal?
  2. My Favorite!

    Ohh! CLOUDS! I love cumulus formations most of the time, they are especially pretty when caught in a sunset. However, cumulonimbus clouds are my favourite because thunder storms. Some of my favourite weather. Favourite eye colour (realistic or otherwise)?
  3. The Pizza Thread

    @Moogle Thank you! We didn't have any in the house so I had to make do without pineapple. ;n; This looks blinking AMAZING!!! Absolute heaven... *drools*
  4. My Favorite!

    My favourite 'alternate' fursona is a bunny called buttermilk. She's shy and sweet and quiet and I wubs her so much! My second suit will be her, no doubt! What is your favourite device for accessing the interwebz?
  5. The Pizza Thread

    I made it! BBQ base, chicken meatball, fried egg and spicy cheese pizza!
  6. The Pizza Thread

    You can't win 'em all I guess. Pineapples are about as controversial as Marmite when it comes to pizzas
  7. The Pizza Thread

    PIZZAAAA! I love, love, love BBQ based Pizzas! With chicken, double bacon, jalapenos and pineapple and a crust stuffed with cheese... I just made myself so hungry... I'ma go make pizza...
  8. My Favorite!

    Guys, where're the questions at? Hey person below, what's your favourite colour? Oh, well there are too many of them! Individually I love mango yellow, turquoise, cherry red and coral but altogether nothing beats the rainbow What's your favourite Gemstone/crystal?
  9. Diabolical Decisions

    I'm not ashamed to come out and say I'm Furry! Besides, in my territory, one really knows about the bad rep Furries originally had or any of the other stuff that's not so sterling. So option 1 please! Now, unwitting hero! Hey, pay attention! I know I look fabulous in black but honestly! Ahem, the choice is in your hands and the furry world looks to you. 1. All fur cons will be banned and any attempts to hold one or furry gatherings of any kind will be treated as terrorist activity and punished accordingly. or 2. 100 random furries simply disappear from existence
  10. Building a fursuit partial from scratch

    This is amazing! I hope my first suit turns out this well!
  11. Horrifically Bad Fursuits

    Oh, my eyes... I was planning on making my own fursuit and came on here to see what NOT to do, I might just not try...