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  1. He also "resigned" from Breitbart. Though for all the backlash, there are still people willing to suck his dick (metaphorically speaking). All they do is bark "fake news" and go back to their rock. He destroyed it himself. Can you say "backpedaling"?
  2. Hello welcome back though I don't think I know you. anyway hi
  3. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Also happy discount candy day tomorrow :3
  4. oh hi. Haven't seen you in a while
  5. I hate having a really off day at work where I mess everything up with customers. It's like "I swear I'm not this inept! I can do my job I promise!" TwT
  6. I hate that i get ice cream cravings when it's cold
  7. One would say he's *dons sunglasses* BARKING MAD
  8. In my honest opinion, a "real man" would own his traits rather than pretend to be something else just for some arbitrary approval of society. But I MIGHT be a bit biased in my own experiences.
  9. Same aside for the siblings. For me it's my cousins as I do not have siblings. My parents always bragged about how so'n'so is Miss Pennsylvania and how so'n'so is an executive producer for some TV series and so'n'so has his own business and I'm just sittin here like..."I made a pancake"
  10. https://www.heroforge.com/ This website is absolutely AWESOME
  11. I'm in custom framing at Hobby Lobby. People bring in stuff for us to frame and we do it. Though we got swamped pretty bad with orders and we had a person quit and we were training a new person so not only are we short-handed but we're fixing the mistakes of the other person. Normally we're supposed to have a queue of ten days but we're about a month out x.x We're pushing our due dates into March at the moment. It doesn't help that February has the fewest days.
  12. Away. It went away. though I personally felt it was very slow. Though in my line of work, we get all screwy with dates when working on orders. I feel like I'm in February already but it's still January.
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