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  1. You have such a wonderfully varied talent!
  2. I keep forgetting to log in when I browse so it looks like I'm super inactive when I just don't have much to add to anywhere.
  3. I'm quite late but I think having it as a midsection up definitely adds more emphasis on the face!
  4. This is incredible, do you plan out the colours or are you just sort of filling in what feels right as you go?
  5. First sloth? Surely there's more sleepy people out there... Boy I'm glad I saw Zootopia finally the other day
  6. So I caved, I joined a furry forum. I've been meaning to for a while but I'm not sure, I suppose I just wasn't sure if I had that much to offer. (I got interesting in the fandom by the art and I don't have all too much talent there, a mate drew my dp). But what the heck this seems like a nice enough community! I wish you all happy napping!
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