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  1. pls explain your avatar to me

  2. I have a Skype if you're interested.

    1. GemWolf


      Sure I'm interested :-) my Skype is gem.wolf1

  3. hackers, security flaws Big Yellow Taxi, she's funny in that one
  4. At least it's not just me then.
  5. I seem to have this issue on-and-off, most of the time when I've had Google Chrome up for a while. The site loads fine when I first start up the browser, but over time, it crashes as soon as the site is fully loaded and I have to restart the browser to get it to work. It's rather frustrating, and right now I'm using Firefox to type out this message, but my preferred and primary browser is Chrome so I'm hoping there's a way to fix this issue. Could it be something to do with my extensions? Does the site use too much memory? I seem to have a similar problem viewing very large images in Chrome too...
  6. We don't know each other irl, so that's not possible
  7. Hey I read your comments on that exploit thread, just wanna say I agree with you 100% with everything. I couldn't reply to you there as the thread was locked. 

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    2. GemWolf


      Yea I love your TF stuff. I'm keen to draw something like it. I have done one TF but I need more practise lol 

    3. PheagleAdler


      Well I'm really all over the place because I commission a variety of TF artists.

    4. GemWolf


      Yeah I know it's awesome you got a lot of good stuff 

  8. Well I don't say it to the waiter. Really, why would they cringe anyway, it's just a joke. I'm not an eagle in reality.
  9. I sometimes joke "because I'm an eagle" when I order salmon or other seafood at restaurants.
  10. I bet the asshat who used the exploit is in this thread.
  11. lol you're most certainly not judgement free. And if I was a sicko like you, I'd most certainly tell you. But I consider it wrong, and worse than having sex in a fursuit.
  12. Maybe without the part of 'hating furries' I don't think FA has that, at least not as much.
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