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Found 4 results

  1. So I've been a long time hamster owner, and I've been thinking about switching to rats. I've been watching various videos specially from The Rat Guru to make sure if this is the pet right for me. Right now been looking at the upfront cost of getting one, though I may have a contact that can get me the cages for half.the prices I see them (they're offering 60 bucks or so) I'm thinking of getting a pair of males, and met up with a breeder that has a few (she'll probably have more I make sure I have all the supplies for them ready).. So for males I know they're more laid back, so is there better arrangement for items/accessories for males? She may have naked rats more available, so is there special advice I should take care of them? I'm likely more to go with the furry variety but if I'm gonna make sure I get a pair I may go with a naked if it's one of the few littermate options. Experiences, advice anyone want to share or maybe discourage me if you think I shouldn't own them? (besides people that are scared of them, I mean other owners).
  2. Advice on how to tell your relatives to stop smoking?

    Here is my situation every other week: I go to look for something in the kitchen that I need in order to cook something, but it's not there, even though we were given money to buy said item. I ask why we don't have it, and the response every time is "I used the money to buy cigarettes for your sister", and every time I feel myself become less tolerant of it. I understand fully well the stress my sister has, being without a home and having to live with our mother, as I am now, but I am reaching my wits end with the smoking excuse. Despite my... expressive upbringing, I do well to not use profanity to describe how I am feeling, but I cannot stop myself when I say this: It's starting to piss me the fuck off. Nobody else is doing ANYTHING to try to get her to give it up, just "you should stop doing that" and "that's not good for you". I love my sister, perhaps the most out of the entirety of our family, but I am on the verge of giving her an ultimatum. Her relationship with her brother, or her cigarettes. So, here I am. Asking, against my Southern nature, for help. Is there anything I can say or anything I can do to get her to stop smoking? This has been Lucky Owl, self-proclaimed critic of fiction.
  3. needing suggestions

    so I'm getting ready to venture back into fursuit making (I'm cosplaying Asriel next year) and need some suggestions on where to get cheaper foam. the place I got my stuff from last time, while relatively cheap for how much you get and for the quality, also has a pretty high shipping cost and if I can get it cheaper I will. there's a JoAnn and a Hobby Lobby pretty close to me but I'd rather not drive as a side note, I used DIY Upholstery the last time I bought foam
  4. How does counselling work?

    I'm attending counselling (talk therapy) in a couple of days and being totally honest, I don't know what to expect. I'll spare the details, but I haven't been feeling myself for a while and decided I need to seek some form of professional help to get back to feeling awesome again. How exactly does this work? I've read a few things online, but the descriptions are very brief and full of "this totally changed my life and way of thinking around" bullshit. If anyone has any information or advice, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks