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Found 1 result

  1. Every week or so there's someone complaining about some asset flip meme game being uploaded onto the Steam store. And every time it happens, a bunch of people start yelling at Valve for them to curate their store. Let me give a few examples of some of the random awful games on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/791750/President_Trump_The_Way_In_Uganda/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/743110/Shit_Storm/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/712810/Fallen_Times/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/585780/Miner_Ultra_Adventures/ http://store.steampowered.com/app/512430/Make_America_Great_Again/ People want Valve to disallow and remove terrible games like these from being on the Steam store. A popular youtuber by the name of Jim Sterling (who I personally find extremely unbearable but that's a discussion for another time) regularly does videos complaining about the various terrible games on Steam, constantly asking for their removal. And people typically agree with these people saying this. And it infuriates me. Now, there's a certain degree of understanding I have with regards to these complaints. Steam is cluttered as a store and that makes exposure to true gems or perhaps just interesting niche's get hidden and thus results in less exposure. From a consumer standpoint, if you use the store to find out about games, this can limit what you know of and keep you from playing what might be good. From a developer/publisher standpoint, this may result in receiving less sales in games. Steamspy, a tool for viewing how many people own a particular game, as well as statements from publishers with regards to game releases on Steam, have confirmed this to some degree. That said, the constant complaining about the need for curation is driving me insane. Its bugs me to no end and also scares me a little. I absolutely believe Steam needs to improve, but I don't believe curation itself is the answer. From a personal standpoint, its difficult for me to see any gain from Valve doing such a thing and only seems to threaten what's possibly made available to me. I primarily get my game news from Gematsu, which I visit daily. Otherwise, I hear about games through hear-say and word of mouth on internet forums and the like. Websites like 4chan, Tumblr, and Twitter give me plenty of exposure to games I might not have otherwise noticed. I do not use Steam to find out about games. I see Steam as a store in the way I do most stores; I go into them to get the things I already know I want, and then leave. So a lack of exposure isn't really an issue. And as Steam has a refund system, game reviews, and requires in-game screenshots, and as gameplay videos for games are very easy to find, there are so many protections in place to ensure that one can avoid scams that being scammed isn't even an issue in this regard. Since one doesn't have to buy anything that's put on Steam, and since all these protections are in place, its hard for me to see how any form of curation would benefit me. On the other side of things, there are ways curation can be harmful. I do not believe for one second that Valve is well equipped to properly curate games. Sure, its easy for people to look at games like Deus Ex and the Witcher or even Final Fantasy and say "Yes, this is something that should be on Steam" generally speaking. However, when it comes to niche titles, I'm not so confident. What makes anyone think that, in the hypothetical instance that Valve curates games, they would be able to tell a low effort visual novel from a good one? Or perhaps tell the difference between any other number of highly niche titles. The average person wouldn't see value in the majority of smaller niche games. If a person were to hypothetically look at LiEat, Corpse Party, World End Economica, or perhaps even Criminal Girls, would they actually be able to consider them as games of value? They're games that have the appearance of (or in the case of LiEat, actually are) small RPGMaker games or games with still images, with Criminal Girls looking like something that's just this + waifu pandering for weeb bucks. Its already been done on other websites with stronger curation processes; GOG, another digital distribution site dedicated to releasing games DRM free, rejected the CAVE shmup Mushihimesama on the basis of it looking like a game that they didn't think would be very successful on their platform. CAVE is a renowned developer among fans of shmups, although the actual genre itself is extremely niche. As a result, the game is not available anywhere DRM free. The crime of this and hypocritical nature of it is that GOG hosts a few other shmups on their platform that, according to Steamspy numbers, are significantly less popular and less successful games. For example, the game Raiden Legacy has around 2300 owners on Steam. Mushihimesama? 41000. GOG basically did not have members among their curation staff that actually knew anything about the niche, and as a result could not properly curate their own storefront. So who's to say that Valve can on Steam? This is what scares me. As it currently stands, should curation become a thing, games that I might like and otherwise enjoy might be put into a position where I cannot purcahse them. Steam is such a monopoly in the PC gaming market that some games only exist in the West translated and/or only get ported to PC because of Steam. If curation threatens these games from being on Steam, it could result in games these games no longer being made available to the niche markets interested in them. That's what makes the idea of curation horrifying. I think, if anything, Valve should find a way to simply hide unproven bad games from the eye while still hosting them on the storefront. For example, if some new publisher who has never published a game before comes and puts something on Steam, it shouldn't show up on the front of the store. Perhaps Steam could be split into sections based on proven and unproven publishers and let people who want to go visit the unproven section, find the good games, and wind up getting them popular enough and successful enough to move into the "proven" section. Perhaps this idea has some flaws; the main point is that I think Steam shouldn't curate games out, but simply make bad low effort games not as noticeable so that way those who actually do use Steam to find out about games can still find them. Nonetheless, for the time being, every other week I suffer these complaints and I get scared that one of these days, Valve is going to actually do it. Please. PLEASE Stop complaining about how the storefront is littered with bad games and asking Valve to remove them for your own sensabilities. I don't want Valve to start deciding for me what games I want to play.
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