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Found 4 results

  1. I'm transferring this from the old FAF Page Waybac machine. If I still owe you a doodle please let me know your new user name. SLOTS FILLED for the moment. Just trying to finish the ones I already have. If I open up more slots, I will let you know. I don't do requests often, but I am in the mood to doodle some fursonas tonight. These doodles will exactly that: Doodles, no finished work. Starting out I'm looking for five volunteers, perhaps more. What I need from you: Provide me a reference to your fursona. One character per person. If you do not have a ref, sorry I not in the mood to design anything tonight. I will pick a pose and draw your character. By requesting your fursona, you are giving me permission to show the doodle in my portfolio. FINISHED DOODLES Bodie Z -Finished Taramack - Finished Stickycrop - Finished CrazyTundrawolf -Finished Zirco - Finished Marazhu - Finished LazorMaster5 - Finished TODO Mei Scarlet Fox RT Dragon
  2. Hello everyone!Quite recently I decided to go on the long journey called The Practice in order to get closer to the goal of Becoming a Better Artist. Now, this journey will take a lot of time, and I can't always know which is the right path. Therefore I'll frequently be discussing my journey here and listen to any thought, suggestion, idea and whatnot you might have on how I can reach my goal. That was the analogy I first used when I described what my intentions were with my last thread at the previous forum. It still applies as I'm still practicing my art and will continue to do so for a lot longer. That said, I'll be posting my art, 3D-models, and eventually animations as well here as I discuss what my thoughts and ideas were with said art. Occasionally I'll also talk about art related things which I believe others might find useful as well, also right now I do have a large scale project I'm currently planning for which I'll share my ideas about it soon enough as well. If you see anything in my art that doesn't feel right/is missing something which can make it better, then I'd be happy for any feedback or critique you can give me on my work! Now, I do actually have something I've created just recently which I might just as well share straight away. Lizardmen Skink practice sketch 2 The last few weeks I've been challenging myself with 1-minute sketches, as in only using one minute do draw each sketch. However this time I decided to skip it for once and take as much time as I deemed fit for this image. The image itself is a Skink, a sentinent race from the Lizardmen army of the Warhammer tabletop game universe. I sketched it as I wanted to practice drawing them as well as drawing something from a slightly odd pose, as I still need to practice drawing things in different perspectives and poses. I first sketched the head to the left in order to get an understanding for how it looks like. However since I had so much space left on the paper, I decided to draw the backside of a Skink as it's spying something from behind a few vines just to try and draw something happening. There's a lot of details still missing on the head in order to make it not look like a skull, but this had to do for now. To be honest I was actually more interested in the placement of the frill, eye and the mouth in relation to each others. And yes, according to other official art and the tabletop army model I have the eye is supposed to be that big. It's also supposed to kinda be like a single coloured pearl, though it's hard to tell exactly as I don't really have any good eye-only referece to go by. The back pose is quite interesting with all the big scales the Skinks tend to have on their backs. These scales are what I've seen on an actual army model, but sadly isn't visible on any of the official artwork I've seen. Therefore I can't say for certain that this is how they look, though that's a part of the learning process, eh? To first draw something one way, evaluate whether it looks right or not, and then draw it again even better. They're also a part of the project I mentioned earlier that I'm working on, so the more I can learn about them, the better. That's all I have to show for today. If anyone has any thoughts, ideas or critique, then feel free to share them!
  3. Sidhenearlahi Art-thingy

    It's another artist thread! Yeah other people are doing it so I figure at least I'm not the only person flailing my arms, trying to get some attention! I draw the usual Furry content, as well as some Pokémon stuff. Occasionally that may deviate, but not often. I'll preface this by saying that I don't draw anything pornographic, but there is nudity, and perhaps imagery that is arguably rather provocative, so anything like that, I'll just be providing external links for. I'm not really sure what the rules for this forum are in regards to nudity so better safe than sorry. For now, I'll just throw in some work that I'm personally fond of for whatever reasons in no particular order. Some might notice a signature/logo change at the end, that would be when I chose to take a new artist name, and decided to make myself a new signature as a result. Is an Umbreon This is a character of my own creation, her name is Faira, she's a Fox Lamia hybrid who enjoys hunting and beating up jerks Is a Lucario Tango the Dingriff, a hybrid Dingo Magpie character that belongs to another artist friend, done for an art trade Socks the Fox, another character that belongs to an art friend, this was done as a gift to said friend Is an Applejack. I don't draw ponies much at all. But I used to, this was meant to be something of a revisit to an older drawing I did back when I was into this kind of thing I only have two external links to NSFW/Vaguely suggestive looking images. This first being of my Demon Monkey character/fursona; Keira. The character in my profile picture. An adopted design, so not of my of my own creation. But she is mine and I love her. And the second being one of my more recent things, a Persian Pokemorph I guess I'll keep updating this thread as I do new stuff!
  4. Umbra.Exe's Sketchbook Thread

    I figure I may as well make a thread here too! I don't doodle much nowadays, but hopefully I'll have some more stuff in here eventually. For now, I'm posting a few of my slightly older things. Hope nobody minds much. As always, comments and critique are welcome!