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Found 3 results

  1. The topic of child support, pregnancy, pro/anti-abortion, etc, came up on a different forum. And with it came a rather interesting topic: Male reproductive rights. Here's a scenario for you(it does happen, but will only be used as an example for now): We have a couple who have been together for lets say, 2 years. They've done a lot of stuff together. Including doing the deed in bed, and often too. But always with her on the pill and him with a condom. They've made a verbal agreement to get a kid(or several) when they are both stable and agree to having it/them. One day she decides to not take the pill(whatever reason(s) are currently irrelevant, unless people are interested in taking on those issues as well) and punctures the condom secretly without his knowledge. They do the deed, and a week later, she admits to being pregnant. At this moment the guy doesn't want the child. Should the guy be able to opt out of child support if he doesn't want the child? What are your thoughts on the topic?
  2. She's up for sale-- $40 via Paypal! You'll receive the full-sized image (this is 1/2 full size) with and without background. I think she came out really gorgeous! ^^
  3. Every single year I bitch about the fact that, for women, the only costumes available are "sexy" costumes, costumes designed to show off the woman's body because the whole point of a Halloween costume is to objectify women, right? And now even young girl's costumes are being sexualized, which is just fucked up in so many ways. While it's true that a woman can go and get a "men's" costume if she doesn't want something that's sexualized, maybe we need more options for women's costumes that aren't "sexy" instead of having 90% of the costumes be "sexy". Because of the "sexy costume" trend, we get things that don't even deserve to be sexy. Like what I just found. Sexy Donald Trump. As if there's anything sexy about Trump, his comb over, or his orange skin. This does make me wonder what other "sexy" costumes that exist that should have never seen the light of day. Google has all sorts of clickbait links with suggestions.
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