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Found 4 results

  1. At last, after nearly twenty years have flown by, we have confirmation that Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. At E3 and PSX last year, we got more than we could ever hope for with a teaser and some gameplay respectively. The first part’s scenario is complete. Now, all we have to do is wait. Such is the life of a gamer; we wait, and wait, and wait some more for the shining gems that were promised. As we wait for this godsend, we can always hope to get something; whether it be a particular character or a favorite scene, there’s always that feeling of anticipation. So, let’s cut to the chase: What would you like to see in the Final Fantasy VII Remake? I’ll tell you my hopes if you tell me yours! Personally, I wanna see all of these things: Cloud trying to walk in heels. Vincent Valentine in general. All the boss fights. Midgar (Like holy shit I need to see it all!) Cosmo Canyon (My favorite location) Midgar Zolom The scene in the submarine. ("I have no idea what I did, but I think it's working..." -Vincent Valentine) Everything involving Vincent and Yuffie.
  2. RTS games, man. I can't, I just... can't. I want to but goddamn. Basically I've tried learning this genre and I guess I made a somewhat similar thread before but fuck it. I just can't keep track of all that shit on the screen, I can't build things fast enough and I can't spam units to defeat the enemy before they spam me first so I gotta save scum like a motherfucker and it seems like a hopeless fucking cause, AUGH. And I'm usually GOOD at video games, I've beaten Doom II on nightmare mode for fuck's sake. Which is a shame, because at least Red Alert is fun, I love it, but I'm so terribad at RTSes. I dunno what to do, I watch videos on YouTube to learn strategies but they still seem to manage it so effortlessly while I still suck hard, regardless of wether I play on normal or hard. I need a Jedi master or someone. Somebody please make me your padawan, I'm going fucking crazy. ;w; Also: kill me plz
  3. As a kid, I wanted to be a game developer. I was well on my way to start an education in programming and stuff like that, BUT, I bailed out in the last second because I realized it would involve a lot of complex math I couldn't bother with and I figured MAKING a game wouldn't be as fun as playing them. Too technical and convoluted for me. I realized I was more of a storyteller and moved on to writing. But sometimes that gamer in me still has ideas, great ideas that I can't imagine would work well as novels but great as video games. I had a bit of a eureka moment last night about an idea that would be brilliant, bold, edgy but... I dunno how it'd work as a novel. It seemed more like it would work as an RTS 'cause it involved war over resources between two superpowers and some rebel groups, but it'd be strongly tried to real world events and conflicts and my own ideas over what could happen in the future. But I dunno how to make video games. ;w; It's frustrating 'cause I was proud of this idea. I guess nothing says I can't learn how to make games now but I don't like programming and it'd feel like starting over my whole education 'cause I already went in the direction or writer and studied biology because I was hoping to make work with animals or something rather than a boring computer job. So ask myself, has this idea gone to waste or what can I do with it? 'cause I'd hate to see this idea I'm passionate about go to waste.
  4. They all tried to fucking warn me and since I spent most of my life as a console gamer this was of no concern to me. Until now. SO. There's a gaming series I've wanted to try out, Command & Conquer, since I played some of 'em as a kid, only as demos or at friends' places. Sorta wanna look into something that was a minor part of my childhood, I guess, despite me usually not being into RTSes. However, C&C is owned by... EA. So finding the old games digitally (I'm mostly interested in the original, Red Alert 1 and Tiberian Sun) is a pain in the ass. I could look for used physical copies except my current computer doesn't have a disc drive built into it and I haven't been able to afford an external one, so I'd have no choice but to go digital. I decided to give Origin a try since I'm not paranoid. However, Origin IS FUCKING SHIT THAT MAKES ME WANT TO NUKE THE FUCK OUT FUCKING EA GODDAMN. Installing on Windows 10 was relatively painless at first, and I got a free game! And it happened to be Red Alert 2 of all things. So I tried opening the game and... I get a black screen. I hear noises but everything's fucking black. So I figure I could look into compatibility settings except for some reason right clicking the .exe files and choosing "configure" doesn't bloody work, nothing happens, so I can't try to troubleshoot it and make the game work. I gave up eventually. I decided I would check and see if Origin worked better on Mac (Mac OS X is my preferred OS but I sometimes use Windows for Windows-only games), since there might be some EA games I might wanna bother with that are Origin compatible... but that was a fucking nightmare, too. I start the installation, the installation software asks me a bunch of questions and then asks for permission to install some additional... I dunno how to translate it from Swedish, helping tools? So I choose "allow"... and then a windows pops up asking for my permission to install the same kind of tool. And again... and again... and FUCKING AGAIN GODDAMN. What in the actual fuck, I don't even know if the installation is going anywhere since I see no progress bar, or if it's just stuck in some kind of infinite loop. I dunno wether to keep "allowing" it to install shit or just force quit the Origin application? I could contact customer support BUT I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO JUST TO GET THE STUPID APP FOR YOUR WEB STORE WORKING FUCKING STEAM AND GOG GALAXY WORKS FUCKING FLAWLESSLY FOR ME AND ARE FUCKING SWEET CLIENTS BUT YOURS IS SO FUCKING CONVOLUTED AND A PAIN IN THE ASS BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING OBSESSED WITH CONTROLLING YOUR CUSTOMERS AND WATCHING THEM LIKE FUCKING BIG BOSS IN METAL GEAR SOLID V WHICH IS A MUCH BETTER GAME THAN ANYTHING YOU PUT OUT IN THE LAST TEN TO FIFTEN YEARS FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU. ...I'd say I haven't been this mad in a while but I'd be lying. But usually over legitimate concerns, not a fucking digital web store for games. Fuck EA.
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