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Found 1 result

  1. My Furaffinity http://www.furaffinity.net/user/puppenstein/ Currently open for commissions! Note: I do no do gore or nsfw --TERMS OF SERVICE-- -I will start working on your commission as soon as i receive payement. -I will show you sketches ASAP and WIPs if you ask! -The commission is sure to be done within the 3 weeks. -I may use the finished piece in portfolios. -You can re-upload the finished piece to your sites as long as you credit properly. -Refunds are only acceptable when I've only done a sketch -SKETCHES - --For black and white sketches, deduct 2$ to the original price-- -[HEADSHOTS - 5$]- -[WAIST UP 9.50$]- -[FULLBODY 13.50$]- --FULLY RENDERED (Shaded, textured etc.)-- -For lineart, deduct 6$ to original price-- --For flat colored pieces, deduct 4$-- -[HEADSHOTS/BUSTS 14$-20$]- -[CHIBIS 10$]- -FULL BODIES 25$- -REFERENCE SHEETS STARTING AT 25$- Just send me a note if anyone's interested!
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