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Found 5 results

  1. Self-Employment?

    As I feel more and more like the customers I deal with think of me as some 30-year-old teenage punk, and after being reprimanded over a complaint from some old lady for 'seeming distracted' on a day when every system was going haywire, I'm really beginning to consider the (rather scary) option of doing some kind of self-employment. I would have put this under Rants and Raves, but this is a -little- more serious than that. I know a furry forum probably isn't the best place to ask about fiscally-oriented decisions, but I feel a little more comfortable tossing around the idea here. So I've been working the same part-time job for the past six years about, and getting by just fine. I make no exaggeration when I say I'm probably the most competent person there (employer included), yet at the same time I feel as though I'm on the thinnest ice of anyone working there. I mean, an entire branch of our work typically grinds to a halt when I'm not there, but I'm the one who most needs to act SUPER-MEGA ENTHUSIASTIC to be working a retail job where I deal with bitchy old ladies all day. Nevermind the one who texts in front of customers (who I'm certain I got confused for in that earlier complaint), or the one who can barely do the basic tasks required by our work; the guy who's exit would render thousands of dollars worth of equipment nearly useless is the problem. But the thing is, I seem to get the vote of zero-confidence in everything I've ever done or decided, to the point that I'm certain I can no longer gauge the validity of a decision because the 'default' answer is always "you're a ditz and you shouldn't do that," regardless of the outcome. And if little old ladies are going to complain to higher-ups because I fall just shy of some model youngster from 'Leave it to Beaver,' I'm thinking I may as well quit and do something where I'm answerable only to myself. I don't have tatoos, I don't have piercings, I cut my hair relatively short, and while I do have a beard, I try to keep it trimmed and reasonable - in case some of you are picturing an overly sensitive goth/punk kid not being allowed to wear their lip rings and eyebrow studs. It's not like I make tons of money now, but I'm concerned whether or not I'll be able to come up with a skill to make bank. I can draw, I can build and paint miniatures, and that's about my list of self-employable skills. And while there is indeed a market for painting miniatures (customers are typically people who like to play tabletop war games, but don't have the time to make everything themselves), it involves a lot of social media outreach and striking the right veins, something I feel I'm not exactly competent in. This is one of those scenarios where I have a lot of skill and know-how, but just don't know very many people - for those that know the old adage: "It's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that determines your success." And of course, I can't organize my thoughts on all this because I can barely sit still for more than half an hour at a time to type all this out. I guess I'm just looking for any advice on self-employment, and how practical/fulfilling it is. I do NOT want to work retail/customer service until the day I die.
  2. Fusions art and stuff :3

    Will post my art and pictures here :3 Fusion200 is my shortened name :3 Flapjack avie in Second Life, he's so cute :3 K'nuckles and my OC ^^ Some fusionfall fanart: And the babies, they are super cute ^^
  3. untz untz untz untz

    [Insert obligated spiel about how horrible my life is] Now that that is out of the way, life lately has been pretty awesome! Since New Year's Day a good amount of things have started going my way. A few good people on here know of my life situation. In short, my head is one jumbled mess of a cluster fuck so recalling recent or past events, people (even family members), and small things from my past get pretty frustrating. Frustrating for me and especially frustrating for the people who were charged with my care. Luckily, a few things that have stayed true and constant are my knowledge of games, books, music, and movies/tv shows. Because of this many of my recalled memories and thoughts are strongly tied to these subjects. But this is all a story for another day. ANYWAY, on to my rave. I LOVE tabletop RPGs (RPGs in general) and I love books. While perusing some second hand book shops, I came across a source book for an RPG I used to play with a group of friends and some family in days long lost to me. As far back as I can consciously remember, I've been wanting this book. I don't know the reason, nor do I have any use for it (no group to play with), but one thing is for certain; as soon as I found it something changed. A flood of feelings and emotions that I figured were gone overtook me. Since buying it I've been reading it over and over and over. It reminded me that just because my initial Stat rolls aren't ideal doesn't mean I'm ineffective. Options are still open to me and adventure is still out there for me to relish in. Finding this book has brought me immense joy and satisfaction in anticipation that this year just might be THE year things will go ok! Even if things don't go well it still feels like things will be fine. Adding to this there are still many upcoming events for me to look forward to. It's the little things, like a book, that can change a mindset from negative to positive. Life is a game and I'm not quitting near the middle. Life IS great. Painstakingly great. Diabolically great. Despite circumstances, if I can't see its greatness then that just means I need another change of perspective.
  4. Dambuster

    Making a purchase is kind of like putting a hole in a dam. The bigger the hole, the more likely it is to expand in an flood of expenditures. That 'souvenir' I bought in Sedona was something of a dambuster. I need a place to put it. I have very little in the way of furniture or decorations in my place. So, I had to buy something to put it on/in. Since I was home for the Thanksgiving, I thought it'd take my mom out shopping for furniture; a nice way to spend some time with her. Plus, she's great at decoration, so she'd be able to help me find something that's perfect for this sort of thing. And find we did! Here's a picture of it at the store. Even better, we also found the perfect bookcase! I've been looking for something to replace the crappy particleboard bookcase I've had since a child, for about 3 years now. I really like the bookcase: It has a light, sliding door, and looks rather spiffy. I bought two of them: Well, OK, it's more accurate to say I bought one of them. My parents offered to make the other a Christmas gift and I was very happy to accept! Because the store had just recently opened (and we were not financing through them) we got a delightful 15% off and free shipping. It should arrive Dec. 7th. We'll have to take the back off the case in order to actually fit the statue in, along with the top most glass pane. The door of the case is on the side, but it is a bit less that the 6 inches of the statue's base. I'll probably have to get some more stuff to fill the other parts of the case. But not now. I don't want to spend any more money, Christmas is coming up! X( These are a pictures of the statue fox statue I'll be putting in the smaller case. I took them with my camera, so they are gigantic again and Phoenix choked trying to generate a preview image for them again. http://imgur.com/a/wWxoW I also tried out my camera's video recording setting! Here's a video of the statue spinning
  5. EXTRA LIFE COMMISSIONS! Open till November 6th! Alrighty people! I've signed up for Extra Life this year, and I want to actually raise money this time around. So I'm gonna take the plunge and open up five commission slots. Each slot will be $25, and here's the way it will break down: Changing it now - The commissions are only $15 now, and all of it goes to Extra Life! $20 from each slot goes straight to Extra Life, which benefits Children's Hospitals around the US. The remaining $5 (minus Paypal's share) will go to me for food, because I like food, and it helps me art. And what does this $25 $15 slot get you? Your pick of the following: 1 full body color sketch (digital) with simple background 2 waist up color sketches (digital) with no background -or...- Reserve 2 slots for one sketch with two full body characters and a more detailed background. Or, if you'd rather not put down a whole $25$15, or want to contribute more, you can donate any amount you want directly to Extra Life right here! Just click on 'Support Me' and follow the instructions! I'll also be brewing up something for the donation totals in general. I'm hoping to make a minimum of $100 this year, but my ultimate goal is $200. (Note from future self: Yah... probably not happening) More to come as the week progresses! --- FA journal on this is right here. That is also where you'll put down your request! Pretty much a ctrl-c/ctrl-v of this, with slightly more details at the end. --- Edit: Realize I should have at least posted a link to my gallery, and that I probably should have read over the rules first. Until then, here's a sampling of my work.