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Found 1 result

  1. So, there was a thread on FAF that was a MLP thread that was what, 500-600 pages by the time the forums were closed? Probably one of the biggest threads on FAF by far (besides the game threads and "what are you watching/listening to" threads). So, some ground rules. - Obey the forum rules (duh). - Try to be nice to others. This is a thread for MLP and MLP:FIM (mostly the latter). This is not a thread to bash or harass MLP fans. Yes, we get it, we're grown adults (mostly men) who like a kid's show. Just like people who like Steven Universe or Adventure Time or Gravity Falls. - If you're not a fan but curious about the show you're welcome however. - Try to label spoilers with an obvious spoiler warning, or behind a spoiler tag. I know, most fans are fully caught up with the series, but not everyone. I haven't even begun season 5 yet, and some people are behind as well. Or they're new to the series and just starting to watch it. So please don't spoil it for them (especially considering the last episode). - Note: The term "Brony" used to just refer to male fans of FIM. However, thanks to more rather socially awkward fans, the term more refers to FIM fans that have social issues, or clop to (or draw) pony porn. Not everyone here is like that. Plus, we're all furries, and we should be used to that now. Both fandoms (being that they're both about anthro animals) have social derps, bizzare porn, fetishes, and all sorts of weird shit we'd rather not want to see. It's just the way things are. Hmm. Anything I've forgotten? Anyway....
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