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Found 2 results

  1. The vulca are a species i made up. They are four armed, egg laying humanoids that live inside volcanoes. Below is a small ref sheet but Id like more proper art. So, art and ideas are very welcome. its important to first know the vulca are metal based rather than carbon based and die when they cool down to solidifying temperature. vulca are mainly miners and smiths that are humanoid in the basis with most significant difference their extra set of arms. The upper arms are rather muscular with hands with 3 fingers each. These arms are used in heavy labour. The lower arms are more refined with hands with 6 fingers each. These arms are used for detailed or more careful tasks. Their legs resemble those of humans except for the foot, which has claws for vulca living far upwards in the volcanic hills. This gives better grip on rocky surfaces. Vulca living deep down have hooves that are more heat resistant. Their genitalia are positioned inside the body and only become visible during reproduction. This isnt often since vulca are asexual by nature. They only reproduce because they understand its needed in order not to go extinct. Despite being egg laying they are mamals and the females grow a pair of breasts in their puberty, which hits when they are about 50 human years. When expecting a child a second pair will develop below the first set. Vulca usually get one child a time but they often adopt children that lost their parents in trading or mining accidents. Their faces look pretty human. if they keep their eyes and mouth closed that is. They have narrow eyes with small pupils and no iris. The eyewhites are glowing similarly to their tongues. Their mouths open wide and are equipped with teeth strong enough to bite through diamond. Their tongue is white glowing in heat and looks segmented, long and pointy. Ears are pointy as well. their horns are made of the same stuff as their teeth and form like a helmet above their heads. they have no hair at all and their skin is like red glowing metal. Despite being strong and practically invulnerable to other species the vulca are peaceful and refuse to participate in warfare. (Also because of the risk of cooling down and dying)
  2. you can pick which one you want to draw and you can do whatever you want with them! take your pick below! if I can draw something in return let me know!! ----------------- Red blood, Flumen Klanad. sweet and kindhearded. reiki/new age themed. enjoys meditation brown blood, Goccar Matpuk, calm and practical, steampunk themed, likes making things (paints his face) Yellow blood, Setlan Wennot, slightly mad but clever, electricity themed, enjoys experimenting Lime Blood, Ragnar Valase, cheery but obvilious, celtic themed, enjoys singing and dancing olive blood, Imbuka Arwest, rebelling and rude, Punk themed, enjoys tea and books jadeblood, Topaas Bergen, exitable and friendly, gemstone themed, enjoys digging blue blood, Qotlar Noyons, melancholic and edgy, gothic themed, enjoys hanging in bars purple blood(hemoanon), lumase Ayeylu, secretive and silent, secret agent themed, enjoys decoding coded messages Violetblood, Riksta Poulou, arrogant and closeminded, adventure themed, enjoys storytelling
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